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AE Makoto > Super Cammy




In b4 tentacle rape references.

So the Morrigan vs Nemesis matchup…

10-0 in my fan fiction, Morrigan’s favor because she looks like she would enjoy that.

Have you seen her win quote against Shuma? “My, what strong tentacles you have. Don’t tell me that you’re only good for fighting.” Or something to that effect. Marvel 3’s about to get real 80’s hentai.

damn doc Strange??? Wooooooow. I cant wait to give capcom 40 bucks. Nemesis has that 1-frame lv.3 super. Pretty awesome, but I wonder who’ll be a good assist for him because he seems like a slow moving chris

LOL I hear that^^^^

Walter, you handsome man I love you

Wait…so you dont think Nemesis is a mix of Chris and Hulk(without charge moves)? You lie.

I just want to say that I completely approve of this message.

I respect the 801Strider/iPeru team. 801Strider’s Makoto is very strong, and Fuerte is dangerous teams. iPeru did some smart stuff and is good at guessing. What can you really say? Haha. Also, I think Choi is a great player with very, very solid fundamentals, but I didn’t like the way he was spending his meter; I think it was probably the biggest problem I saw with that team.



Like what I saw with Doctor Strange looks fun to play not so sure about nemesis though also liked the theme for Doctor Strange

Ive said before that video that Nemesis was going to be the answer for sentinel. Doc Strange looks like he plays Modok a bit with his projectiles

Doctor Strange confirmed for ridiculous. And Nemesis either deals a shit ton or Strange has girl health…probly a little of both. Strange is gonna be hard to not play though.

phoenix wright is the only new character that matters

A lot of characters already handle sentinel really well haha.

Can we all take some time and reflect on how awesome this thread is?