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Bacon is for sure god tier… i mean cmon… its bacon

How you gonna bring that pizza shit into a CT thread?

It’s surprisingly better then the original!

This was too good lol


Thats what Im saying! Is this not fucking spam?!

You can’t complain about a game so this is the best you can do? I suppose it is hard ot find a topic to discuss in a matchmaking thread when know one wants to hang out with you IRL.

Asberger motherfucker. . .

I don’t think “surprisingly” is the right word for it. I’m not surprised at all.

wow really guys? it was joke thread to lighten up the mood get the stick out ur asses

I know you’re new around here and the first person you’ve met is “him” but he’s built a reputation here that far precedes your existence here. If it came from someone else, it might of been seen in a funny way. But since it’s from that guy, it’s seen as trolling. Especially since he just got one of his insulting posts deleted yet again.

oh my fucking god nemesis looks awesome. I’ve been sold. i’m buying UMVC3.

Ok so who’s going to guard crush tomorrow, don’t forget the best way to get there is through the whitestone bridge.

Im moving to CT in the same day, would be a far cry if I could make it as well but I’ll try

Apparently Yun wakes up 2 frames faster than the rest of the cast.



Well, I meant it in the sense that New Haven has the best pizza on the planet and they are talking about like pineapple and mayo on pizza. But also what you said :3

In other news:


Might quit all fite gaem when this shit comes out.

I’m heading over to Manchester on saturday to pick up my CPS-II 18-in-1 board, so you know what that means guys! Dontblowthis presents Connecticut’s final match to seal which town is the best at Marvel vs Capcom 1. Will Waterbury win the crown or will Bridgeport solidify it’s grasp on what’s always been theirs you decide. Waterbury please try to make it down on the 21st and this will be played on original hardware not emulated, so I don’t have to hear complaints. I have to see, but maybe I can get shou to come down so that this can actually feel like it’s complete!

Ninja edit:

I see what was done now. I’m okay. :slight_smile:

Bobbys got deleted too. Thats fine.


What??? bacon is not mid tier it’s god tier!!! what is wrong with people these days!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJsXpOiDhB8 don’t jump vs alukard nyc

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j830vF5-5u0 don’t jump vs alukard nyc 2

facebook ftw :3


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