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I wont make it sunday I work that day :frowning: I really wanted to play some AE.


Just making sure. I want to know so that travel can be all figured out.

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I’m already sick of doing Dive Kicks and mashing them out. I’m just going to go back to Dudley and Ibuki. I think Dudley is incredible in this game…

Does anyone else think Ken is like top 4? Hes so stupid/easy mode in this game.


I feel like we should go out somewhat early. Maybe around like 10 or 11 am? That way we can get some casuals in on Friday too.


Its made, i just have to upload it really. It says “Home-made combos, with extra salt!”. I will make more shirts when ppl stop being cheap bastards and buy my shit haha. I only make about $1.50 per shirt because I care more about quality than making money. All of the shirts are American Apparel, if you know anything about t-shirts, you know that AA is the best by far.

Also, Walter - I wont be making it sunday. Plans had to change due to Father’s day :confused: sorry broseph


That sucks craig your presence will be missed, ill get around to ordering that shirt in the future. Let me know if itll be possible to sell the shirts in person in the future. Also Howard will not be able to attend this Sunday to stream so if anyone else would like to do it please let me know so I can change in the tournament thread


What time do you guys start at Gaming Etc. on Sunday? I might be able to make it, I work until noon and google maps says it’s about an hour away from me.


Yea, we’re doing a cookout thing at my house so I won’t be making it on Sunday either


tournaments start at 1pm but if you or some other guys are coming down I can delay it a hour


Ok Its Official
The Next Waterbury Tournament will be on July 17th
here is the thread [Jul 17, 2011] The Waterbury Tournament aka Project Esco-Nasty (Waterbury, Ct)
still not sure if im going to do AE for this tournament …i will u update you all


also tonight after 8pm team waterbury will be having another Marvel training session at my Studio. i usually have a session at the studio on mondays or thursday or both. So if anyone of you are around waterbury after 8pm and want to play Marvel please… fair warning…we party :slight_smile:


So like, chips, dip, pin the tail on the donkey?


Wouldn’t see why you wouldn’t do AE.


FML live so close but i dont get paid till next week O_O


So i kind of think i like Evil Ryu now. Hes fun/challenging to play. Yang to me atm is not worth it because he does not deal damage/stun. Hes really stupid but im kind of bored with him now and i feel like other characters do so much more dmg. Honestly, i think ken is better than Yang.

Because he likes Marvel and SF is not his game? Have you read his sig? lol. He’s always been a fan of Marvel more so than SF. Its his calling. It’s his tournament and he can do as he chooses.

I can’t stand it when community members try to tell TO’s how to run their tournaments.

My philosophy behind people and rules/regulations/games they want to see:

Run your own event if you do not like it.


Maybe some hungry hungry hippos.

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an important read for some of you guys


Thanks Bacardi…

I hate our economy. This shit is not going to get better. It keeps getting worse…and worse…and worse.


Oh my bad. I thought tournament organizers were in it for the community more, and not just about what they wanted to play.

I wasn’t trying to tell him how to run his own tournament. I understand that when the tournament first started MvC3 was hot and Super was kind of dying because AE was on the way. Now that AE is out I thought it would be added to the list of tournaments, because its what is being played lol.


Ok, so who wants to travel down with me on Friday? I will go around Noonish. It would help if someone who drives would travel down with me. I will provide you a GPS. I can only hold so many people in my car.