CT Tournaments CvS2, Guilty Gear XX

Hey There are some tournaments coming up in New Haven including

Guilty Gear XX
Super Smash Brothers
Soul Calibur 3
Halo 2
Madden 2006

Here’s a image of the flyer


The location of the tournament should be at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT 06515 at Engleman Hall C020 classroom.

What times are the tournaments usually at? And is GGXX gonna be Slash or is it just XX? 'Cause if it’s XX You really should switch, nobody plays it anymore.

I’ll consider going tho.

The tournament is at 6pm @ southen connecticut state university engleman C020

the smash tourney last night had about 15 participants. it was pretty good comp. the acual tourney started at about 7pm to let people find their way to the room and it ended at about 930pm.

in regards to the guilty gear, it is just guilty gear X2 for ps2. the guy running it only has one copy of XXSlash and its on an external harddrive and doesnt want to bother with possible lag issues.

also, they announced Team 2v2 Super Smash Brothers on the same day as the guilty gear tournament. 6/14/06 its not written on the flier. i know this forum isnt really smash bros but i thought id point that out.

I have a copy of Slash, but if you guys have just been playing XX then forget it, XX is DEAD.

I can also provide with 2 PS2s + Slash setups. I dunno about TV’s though lol
Also, why would the game lag when running off a hard drive anyways? One of my setups runs off a HDD and it runs perfectly fine.


running off HD would not cause lag issues the character sprites and backgrounds and everything loads into the ps2s ram before the match starts, thats why if you had a flip top and the game loaded as a DVD and had it on shortcut mode, you could remove the disc and play the match over and over again using the retry option, so all HD does is decrease load times. you wont have a problem running it off HD

hey!!! someone hook me up with a ride to the tournament…im new to Conn and live in the Newlondon area!!!

why bother with this? I mean for that i can go back to hosting gatherings at wyg in bridgeport

what ever goes on i need to get in it!!! i really need to spar alot before the tourney cause playin comp and training mode only gets u so far…

I live in New London, where ya at?

Actually im closer to Groton…I just got here so i cant really describe much lol. im pretty hard core on any fightin game though except marvel vs capcom2…i love it but i get owned by the hardcore ones… But anyways karin we can get up sometime if you want and spar…dont know if evo is arcades or consoles but i play on both so its all god

Evo is console.

And by the way… it’s KAYIN, not Karin. =/

Either way tho do you have any messenger programs like AIM?

Hey Kayin whats up lol!!! sorry bout the misspelling…damn im so excited bout this evo tourney and knowin that CT has people that are into the streetfighter tekken type games…anyways i have yahoo messenger. My name on that is Shin_Gouki_Eh. Dont make fun of it i swear every name i wanted was taken and had to add like 8 digits at the end. Whats ur name on yahoo or Aim? I dont know ur schedule on weekdays and weekends but you could send me ur number in my private messages and get up sometime to show ya how we do it down south. That goes for anyone…time and location and ill show up wit controller in hand.

ok me and my coworker are going up to this today

where are you goin Bacadi??? If you talkin about facin me u better get ur A game on in Cvsnk2…guilty gear im straight in too. Dont even bring up tekken

Why Not!!!

why not indeed:looney:

if you want some just let me know…gonna need all the practice i can get when i face off at Evo.

xShiRoiKyox on AIM, KeiyaWolfstar on Yahoo. I need to re-DL Yahoo IM tho.