CT tourney results: Trumbull Mall Fye - Saturday, September 13th

1st - Tony Barnhill [EMag] (Storm / Cable / Capcom)
2nd - Emera [Emera] (Storm / Sent / Capcom , Magneto / Storm / Psylocke)
3rd - Hevad Khan [VietKhan] (Magneto/ Cable/ Sent , Magneto / Storm / Psylocke)
4th Kevin Smith [Tadaos] (Sent / Storm / Capcom , Magneto / Cable / Sent)
5th Jermaine [dunno his SRK handle] (Rogue / Storm / Cammy)

Was a tight tourney, however, Phil failed to show up to his own tourney, so we organized our own little one with eight competitiors. Lots of heat near the finals with Emera busting out the iLL Storm MadnesS against Kevin, and almost taking down Tony too (In the Finals) in the process.

some other random comments:

  • mah boi Ryan busted out the ill cyclops infinite against one of his opponents to last him another round in the tournament. Damn, that was hot.

  • Emera attempted the Santhrax corner Sent combo, but only managed around 16 hits. Also, the Sakura AI managed to block 18 out of 18 of Emera’s Sentinel Launchers, too funny.

  • Tony only showed up to the tournament because he put 2 dollars on craps tables at the Foxwoods Casino before he came, and won 50 bucks. Lucky bastard : - )

  • Kevin busted out some tight combos during casual, some of which included Cable tag ins during the combo, into jumping jab ahvb’s.

  • I got lucky in the brackets.

btw, if you read this kevin for phil or w/e, please put it up on apex, thanks. ; - )

Holy shit Hevad can’t believe you actually met Emera. What did I tell ya, he’s a sick motherfucker eh?:stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to both of ya guys.


shame dru didnt go his magneto is the truth lol and jermaine got 5th its official the tournament was broken lol and wtf i heard kevin got third??? kong went out in 2??? shou black ritch and so many other local players didnt show tourney just didnt get advertised enough but o well

ps TONY BARNHILL THE PIMP OF WATERFORD!!! lol go tony reppin the pimp legion of doom

fuck the cyclops infinite

also, colossus > mvc2

i’m assuming you’re Ryan?

haha no i lost to him in losers…

oh i remember you…but whats your name?

Waterford is THE TRUTH! Tony Barnhill dont give no fuck! Puttin money on the line in craps just to own you fools! Ryan is Ryan Perkins aka Wildcat right? Good shit getting the cyke inf down. Ill come out of mvc2 retirement sometime again and own you fools up with some easy mode shieeet.

lee. i remember you too, you’re tall lol

Aww…what did i tell you. Say thank you Desmond

Yo, WTF happened MR. SMITH??? Being that Phil, Dru, Shu, black Rich, and my bro (DAVID) didn’t show, I figured it would be free $$$$$ for KEVIN!!! Fuck it man, i’m about to start playing again and pull out CABLE/BH/CAPCOM ON YOU FOOLS!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: But, good shit to Tony and the guy who is to nervous to enter major tournies (you know who you are)!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lucky bastards, no fair, i wish i was there :frowning: :mad: i say its funny how FYE said that the tourney wasnt going to be thrown if 15+ people at 11:00 on the dot. Then it was going to be postponed til the next weekend, where we could have informed more ppl but hey, we dont need 26 or more ppl at this tourney, sure, its better if we throw a 6 man tourney. Til next tourney.
Good Shit to all players anways who went and to who placed.


Hold these tournies in the danbury mall, it’s so much closer to my house =]

There is going to be a mvc2 and cvs2 tournament at danbury there will be a post soon on all the info. this is going to be a foundraiser for money for 360’s on the cabinets.