CT| Vortex GC | Weekly Tournaments | Casuals


Vortex Gaming & Repair recently started hosting Tournaments and FREE Casuals Tuesday featuring a different game every week. Come through!

Support your Local Fight Scene. We encourage you to bring in your equipment if that’s what your more comfortable on.

Location & Contact: 625 Wolcott Street Waterbury CT ( There are 2 Major Highways passing through Waterbury, and there is a bus stop its right in front of the store. So No Excuses )

Number: 203-527-5192

Hours: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Sometimes later)

Console:Xbox 360 (S)

Monitors: Asus VH236H (2MS)

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/vortexgc

Tuesday Venue Fee: FREE (Also Free to Play Games Period)

IF Tournament: Entry Fee: 5 $

Venue Fee ALWAYS Waved with Membership (Ask Employee)

Games List:
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Street Fighter IV: AE (Ver.2012)
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken
Soul Calabur IV
Mortal Komat 9
Skull Girls
Tekken 6

Coming Soon:
KOFXIII (Needs more Local Interest)
SF: Third Strike
Guilty Gear AC:XX

Vortex Networks:

Side Note: I’ll personally be selling and dual modding fight sticks from this location feel free to inquire through inbox. (On hold till i catch up on orders)

CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT

Super late on the post but here it is:




If your near by come check us out, UMVC3 tonight. (I think that’s the game)


What time do you guys stay open till?


^^also when do you guys usually start?


BTW: Tell em mike sent you they don’t know this handle.

Its a pretty relaxed schedule not guna lie, since its casuals and FREE we encourage people to bring friends and stuff. ITS FREE TO PLAY ALL DAY.

TONIGHT specifically we have free prizes and a small tournament.

Starts around anywhere from 5 on. Look for jose.

Were open till 11 maybe 11:30 every night.

Stay up to date @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vortex-Gaming-Repair/261345110563920


I’ll keep an eye on this venue since it’s a bit closer to me than Gaming ETC.


So it’s only Marvel for Today? bummer.


Actually Marvel is the most popular game played at Vortex, mainly because its the store owners favorite game. I personally am an SF player and a GG player, marvel isn’t my thing.

But honestly we have something for everyone. We even do smash bros brawl usually once a month.

Marvel and SCV5 are an everyday thing, just the official fight night hosted game is marvel for tonight.


Switch Brawl for Melee and I’d be even happier… Brawl is just… ehh to me I still play it but… not on a serious level.


Honestly I think we do both.


Skillz, esco, golden mule, rob n dalbert?