Casuals again this Saturday. During casuals we will run a $10 AE round robin tournament. A $5 round robin Marvel, and a $2 3S single elimination tournament. Come one, come all!!

This is coming up soon, still have room. All are welcome.

you know there is a Connecticut thread you could post in, this is not a tournament and might have been easily overlooked. There are also tournaments this weekend as well Saturday in Mass and NYC and Sunday in Connecticut(Stratford) and NYC again.

Might go.

I’ll be here after I get out of work. :slight_smile:

I got some business Saturday night, but I can show up after. CT’s Freest Akuma is coming, you should be honored

I’ll bring my Xbox, MVC2, MVC3, and AE.

Ok, i have about my limit for people for Saturday night. If you rsvp’d before this message your in. I will be holding another casuals session in two weeks and be looking to host about thirty people then. To those coming, call my cell when you get here so I can let you in. The number is 772-532-6784.

I have had a couple people drop out for tonight, so if you want to come let me know. Either PM, RSVP, or call.

Casuals was great, I had a blast. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for hosting this event.

Thanks for coming, it was a great time.

Mike-If you need me to bring something, let me know. I’ve got 360, AE/SSF4, MVC3, MVC2, and I will have 3SO as well. :slight_smile:

I appreciate it, I will definitely let you know.

Definitely hosting the casuals Saturday night. Thanks to those who offered me support this past week, losing a family member is hard. Let me know who’s coming and bringing what. I will have AE, ST, 3s:OE, and CVS 2 up and running on my setups. Have an open setup for a free game (MVC 3 hopefully)

Looking forwards to gathering again tonight. Again, if you are coming call or text me when you get here: 772-532-6784 so I can let you in.

Had a good turnout Saturday night, thanks to all for coming. Come on the 17th and get some practice in for Gaming Etc. Sunday tournament!!

Hey whats up NaniwaTiger, I won’t be able to make it to tomorrows casual’s session… I have some school work to finish but I will be there for the next event.

Anyone who is planning on attending tonight, if you have copies of AE, MK, and MVC3 please bring them. Thanks in advance.

Leaving now

Where the fuck is your house?