CTB III - Killeen, TX Jan 28, 2012 Full Results

Now that everyone has gotten some rest and are all warmed up, its time to check out some results! We would like to thank UCC’s Jeff and Kent for providing setups for the event, Boom Gorilla’s for streaming the event, Pluckers for the venue, all the players and our sponsors for providing

UCC points will be rewarded for top finishers of each game that will go towards seeding in the Spring Championships! A point per 8 entrants, but I’ll leave that honor to them :tup:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - http://challonge.com/ktbctb_umvc3
1st Mihe
2nd Stone
3rd Young
4th Danke
5th Poltergust
5th BG Hypersurge
7th Ace
7th iHiryu
9th AJ Tucker
9th Findmyfarms
9th GameNeo
9th Tenderbox
13th GoX
13th Takeurlife
13th B3nz0r
13th Soma
17th Joshlike
17th Jan
17th Fubarduck
17th TTM Chimera
17th Sheriff Crazy
17th Gottnoskill
17th BG Carne Asada
17th br00tal
25th Gar
25th TTM Swarley
25th Kajeam
25th Khaoz
25th Lonestar Reaper
25th Elo
25th Monotone
25th Suppage
33rd Rubeks
33rd King James
33rd Aleri
33rd Booky
33rd Swirly Glasses
33rd Roswell
33rd Super Colossus
33rd Dudders
33rd Fischerprice
33rd Delx
33rd Blu
33rd Tricksta
33rd Combak
33rd Tha Shizzle
33rd Maximo254
33rd JDR
49th Frank
49th Weasle
49th Chris-Chan
49th RPM
49th GW Flash House
49th Timtation
49th Chad
49th BS Blushirt
49th RagingxMachine
49th Spam N Eggs
49th Azure Grimalkin
49th B-Nasty
49th Joro
49th Jordan
49th Dustin
49th gghhh3
65th XZ Nuts
65th Rotendo

Super Street Fighter IV: AE ver.2012 - http://challonge.com/ktbctb_ssfivae
1st Viet
2nd Jan
3rd Findmyfarms
4th TWG Arthur
5th br00tal
5th Rain
7th Jerry2Bad
7th LG
9th H.O.G. GMT
9th Progidy
9th BS Blushirt
9th Rubeks
9th 13th JDR
9th BG Hypersurge
9th GameNeo
9th Deluxe 247
17th Carbocation
17th Fubarduck
17th ZBeast
17th Chairman
17th cHaotix
17th Timtation
17th GW Flash House
17th DrVillain
25th Starcharger
25th Starwin
25th Scottie Yosh
25th Armedmoioi (Edgar)
25th Sach Gates
25th Gox
25th Integra
25th Deluve Edition
33rd Oscar
33rd itony (David C.)
33rd Tricksta
33rd Swirly Glasses
33rd Mookie
33rd Ash2k4
33rd washmilk
33rd YNZBoy
33rd Duckiewhat (David)
33rd Fogo
33rd treetracer
33rd Nathan Hacook
33rd Pozer Wolf
33rd Jam Peace
33rd Big Donkey
33rd Surfs Up
49th FocusFlute
49th Sin 7
49th DSB
49th McClusky
49th Pkrstdnt
49th Stone
49th Aleri
49th Dahlia Murderer
49th Azure Grimalkin
49th Windalf (Angel)
49th Ascension
49th Tony
49th B Nasty
49th Super Colossus
49th Jdubb
49th Combak

Mortal Kombat - http://challonge.com/ktbctb_mk
1st Starcharger
2nd Lonestar Reaper
3rd Sibuna Alucard
4th Fubarduck
5th Maximo254
5th Tmaco544
7th RagingxMachine
7th YNZBoy
9th Alrian
9th Deluve Edition
9th Prodigy
9th Pkrstdnt
13th Focus Flute

King of Fighters XIII - http://challonge.com/ktbctb_kofxiii
1st Jan
2nd Zbeast
3rd LG
4th Findmyfarms
5th Ash2k4
5th Danke
7th TWG Arthur
7th Stone
9th iHiryu
9th CP
9th JDR
9th Delx
13th Starcharger
13th Suspect
13th Fubarkduck
13th Frank
17th Starwin
17th Dahlia Murderer
17th Phil
17th Dudders

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition - http://challonge.com/ktbctb_3so
1st Fubarduck
2nd Joro
3rd Viet
4th Spam N Eggs
5th El0
5th BNasty
7th Timtation
7th CP
9th YNZBoy
9th Mookie
9th TWG Arthur
9th Jesta
13th Azure Grimallkin
13th iHiryu
13th Maximo254
13th John USA
17th Rotendo
17th Phil

  • Rotendo

Good games to everyone in Kof and SF! My critique is pretty much what everyone has already stated, but just to add …

KoF takes a while. It doesn’t benefit if theres only one station running for it. I think 3 is ideal, but 2 stations would help run things along.

If casuals are going to be run during the tournament, give it its own area. That way theres no confusion on which set ups are tournament matches and which are casuals ( I heard this being asked maybe 7 times ).

I know it took a lot of energy to run though, so I’m grateful for the effort! It was a great learning experience for not only the staff but anyone who wants to run a tournament in terms of organizing and running the event.

Fun tournament except for the cold :confused: glad I was able to get atleast one friendly in MvC2! Where will all the vids/pics be uploaded?

There was Marvel 2?! Eh… next time I guess. Pics are coming in via FB (Josh Jones) and I’ll be uploading the ones I took late this evening… if I can stay awake when I get home from work. Videos are archived and should slowly be showing up via http://twitch.tv/boomgorillas channel.

  • Rotendo

Yeah, I posted in the thread that I would bring it and you said you would be down to play…but you were busy so I didnt bother. I had it on the ps3 in the corner by that super heater.

Ah, you were on the other side all warm and getting your Marvel on :lol: good stuff, yeah I had my hands full… definitely going to be more prepared for the next one and all future tourneys no matter the size. If you play online add me PSN: Rotendo_ and XBL: RoTeNdO though at the moment, I only have it on my other PS3 PSN’s account > Shin-Rotendo

  • Rotendo