Ctf 3/15/03 Tourney Results

Cool tourney this weekend.

#1.Josh wigfall
#3.mike d
#4.the law

Until next week people justin wong may enter next week so can some philly/ct cats come. We may be having a ten dollar entry fee next week that means there may be 80 dollars for first place and like 25 to second so see if you guys can make it :cool:

omg sanford fucking kelly on the internet!! Hey man is philly really thinking about coming to ctf this saturday? I never really played any of phillies best.

Sorry I couldn’t make it to the tourney, but Michael,Pungza, & I got lazy to go.:bluu:

This weeks turn out was kinda small, hopefully more heads show up for next week…J-Wo entering AND $10 entry fee…gee might as well flush my $$$ down the toliet…jus playin…Im down