Ctf 3/22/03 Mvc2 Results

Ok here are the results.

#1.Sanford kelly
#2.josh wigfall
#3.john eric

I should have lost this tourney:rolleyes:
josh choked on me like 45334343434343434343457 times
javier should have beat me but he choked :rolleyes:
but good tourney alot of upsets:eek: .

I was there watching the tourney and the pre fights and my god mad crazy stuff happened. IN the megaman guy matches luck was on his side . javier had incredible luck also vs i think org… not sure. Some of the fights came to a pixel and today was the day of comebacks. many WTFs today like the double HOD with bh on a character to win it. Overall very fun. a few thing i cannot forget is the cannon spike to a storm while she was doing the hail . THAT shit had everyone going :eek: WTF :wtf: and :confused: !

epyonx= pedro = tall guy with glasses

everyone in cf is mad kool to me and i plan to go more often !:slight_smile:

i woke up at like 5:30 so i couldnt make it

You can do as many HOD’s as levels you have if BH is your only char left on AAA because his THC is HOD and if no one else is with BH, he’s the only one who uses Lvls and doesnt havta wait for partners to recover and when you do HOD through a THC there’s no flying screen… Dunno how the hell I beat X…that was a fluke

Imperial Congrats Santhrax

Santhrax; everyone at the fort said congrates on CTF. You better win that shit. lol. We will see you tonight with the ladies awaiting your reception. Gaming Knight told us of your thorough representation. We were only disappointed that J wong did not join, we would have like to see you beat him. However with yesterdays reported flukes… it would have possibly not been in your favor. There is always another time. One more thing even Neo said congratulations. Yes it was sincere, although you two don’t get along. He said to tell you, he still is going to beat your ass the first chance he gets off the clock. lol. Until then. Game On.

Legion of Gamers.
Hail to the Empire

-writen by TFGM.
PS: I;m sure you won’t mind Jeron.

Good job Javair… but you need to stop choking on tournament…:lol:

har har javier stop chokin = never

JAvier at tournies
ooh shit getting nervous better go to the corner…EERRR
o shit i can’t get out … stomp stomp… ooh shit i did a lockdown on myself. EEERRR Gameover hahahah j/k

JAvier you know i got luv for you. you my brotha too hehehe

Team decepticon like whoa

:lol: x was just jokin about how javier lost to some megaman player:lol:

what u talking about…
I didnt lose to no Megaman player.

I didn’t even play Javi in the Tourney…:confused: :confused:

…mixup posting…hmmmmm…wtf did he say then…don’t mind me…

Steve = Best Megaman in East Coast :slight_smile:

Congrats on elimaniting Desmond in the tourney with ur Megaman.
I could have sworn Pungza & I saw ur Megaman Triangle jump out of Megaman’s dragon punch.

i walked right by u that day when u got there i left lol when u going again?

I heard that guy cancels megaman’s airthrow perfectly into aircombo’s.

Plus michael said he could triangle jump with megaman too…

This weekend in fl magneto did a double airdash…ask michael…

steve’s megamanis god tier…i experienced 1st hand:D Go0d shit dawg :cool:

steves megaman is bomb.

and that double airdash was crazy, i was like :eek: , couldnt keep my mind staight after that, didnt know what other crazy shit would happen. it was dope mike:D

If they have a tourney this sat, i’ll be there

aite kool .just pm me when u going ok:cool:

your megaman top teir:cool:

You damn right!! :mad: :mad: