CTF 5/17 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Results

~Born to Play~

Here are the reuslts as I got them in.

1st. Santhrax (Sanford Kelly) Storm/Sent/Commando
2nd. Josh Wigfall Mags/Storm/Psy - Cable/Sent/Commando
3rd. Desmond Pinkney (X) Sent/Storm/Commando - Cable/Sent/Commando

  1. Eddie Lee Mags/Cable/Doom - Sent/Cable/Doom

Notables: Santhrax (Sanford) puts Desmond (X) in losers bracket 2-0 and beats Josh Wigfall 4-1. Josh Wigfall beats Desmond 3-1, and Josh Wigfall beats Eddie Lee 2-1 .

Good tournament Santhrax, and all who participate. Until then.

wow intense results for a 6 man tourney :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha Des … we are takin the bus to evolution … like you wanted… whoo whoo whoo

heh i wouldnt cal it a tourny more like a social gathering haha…

eddie’s a marvel genius…

gee, 6 man tourney, wow, look at many players that they all battled to get top 6. i wonder if the TFGM can play mvc2?