CTF 5/20/06 CvS2/3s Results


  1. Tony Barnhill
  2. Andy “City Of Brass”
  3. Sci

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For CvS2, most random tourny ever. Took like 7 hours.
2/3 losers bracket blows!!!
I say random because of all the stupidness that went down, I know i’m not the only one who agrees.
Apparently there were some problems due to confusion with the 2/3 losers. Then it got randomly switched to 1 game. All I know is, people need to post up and give their opinion on this matter.
The 2 people that I would really like to reply to this are Sigley and DSP, especially DSP, because I don’t think it was cool what happened with his situation. Not cool at all.

Both tournies i’m pretty sure had a full bracket. Good turnout.

3S results were…

1st - FlashG (Akuma)
2nd - Albert (Yun)
3rd - KOfiend (Yang)

-I hate that Kevin kid and his Necro. I’ll get him eventually…

-3S took a total of 3 hours (5pm - 8pm). Nice quick pace.

-CvS2 on one cabinet is a snooooooooze fest. After a while we were getting mad when sets would actually get to the third match :rofl:


I had ALOT more fun playing ST with DSP honestly, though I really did enjoy our match Nick.

And Sci tells me he’s not coming to ECC because he doesn’t like tournaments, and he goes and enters this and gets 3rd. Someone explain that to me please.

Next time we’ll have a ST tournament fo SHO :D.


ST Casuals with DSP + watching marvel tourny >>> CvS2 tourny. lol

will someone please start beating Andy first round and take him out in losers. So who’s not going to ECC next week? I’ll be in NY on sat. and might stop by cf.

sci is such a whiney bitch

complains about buttons being broken when no one else complained

i beat him when its one match, he complains so its two out of three

complains i turtle when all he’s doing is running in pushing random buttons sorry for playing smart

never met a bigger faggot in my life glad he’s not going to ecc

sighs sci man.

i got to admit he embarassed me yesterday. dsp i know he wont but i apologize on his behalf. shinneo if i was you even tho sci is my boy i would not have given him 2/3 after he already agreed to 1 game and still played. thats crying over spilled milk you shouldnt have gave it to him and i even told him if it was me i wouldnt. anyway imo i think that edison is the best cvs2 player they got in CT. i dont know if im going to ecc cause im too broke lately. ren you getting a room?

who was DSP? Was he the guy that owned me with Deejay? I was balrog.

Yeah that was him.

I was Chun-Li in ST~


I’m just asking this just to ask this, not to bring shit up or start anything.
But after that whole DSP/Sigley thing, was I the only one that got one game in losers at that point? or were the matches after mine one game as well in losers?

no other people got one game also

Every match after Nick T’s was 1 game. Winners stayed 2/3 except for 3/5 Grand Finals. Loser’s finals was 2/3. Next time Losers will be 100% 1 game. Takes too long.

sigh Yea Shinneo you let Sci punk you on that one, especially after he agreed to playing just ONE match for loser’s bracket.

And about tourneys taking too long, well, it’s like maybe if cvs2 actually started when it was supposed to, then people might not have minded so bad, because if you went to any other tourney, losers are 2/3…so if you can’t take it, you really don’t wanna place good/win anyway, so that’s YOUR cross to bear. But I also understand that there’s only ONE cvs2 cab @ CF, and I know that cvs2 takes a WHILE, so the decision of having 2/3 or 1 match for losers is a hard one.

Good to see Tony & DSP; haven’t seen Tony since Clash, and Phil since TS6. Good shit to my boys Andy and Sci for takin’ 2nd & 3rd.

wow, Flash making a comeback now, thats good so I can get revenge later on muhahaha. Good shit Albert and KOFiend.

3S was pretty good for this, hopefully this and last months tourney will start a trend and well actually have 3s tourneys instead of the regulars all deciding they don’t want to join for whatever reason.

hey guys its tony. i like to say thx for the good comp on sat. i had fun. i havent played cvs2 on 360 sticks in a long time. it felt weird but i had alot of good games with everyone and had fun… hope to see all at ECC.

P.S Nick T. remember blanka jumping fierce man thats all u need :wgrin:

Can somebody explain to me why every single cabinet at CF has a different style of 360 joystick? I’m not even kidding, some of them are the short, stubby, loose kind, others are the taller, tighter sticks…it’s pretty ridiculous for somebody like me who entered all the tournaments and couldn’t get used to any of them since I had to keep switching.

Well I’m disappointed that I did so shitty in 3s/CvS2, but I’m not surprised, considering every time I’ve ever gone to CF I could never play on the cabs there. In 3s on the right hand side, if you’re crouching low you can’t always go to a high block, instead you totally lose your block…I lost to Andy because 3x during a blocked Genei-Jin I tried to go from low to high block to block the rush punch and I got hit instead. Honestly I should not have lost the matches I did, I couldn’t do jack shit with Ken on those controls. And that’s not even factoring in that I couldn’t parry basic stuff. Anybody who plays 3s on that cab and thinks that its real 3s is insane…that’s why I didn’t play any casuals after the tournament.

Then we have CvS2…

I don’t even know what you expect me to say on this. Honestly the reason I let Sci get 2/3 is because I didn’t care, I’m not a major CvS2 player so advancing in a little CF weekly doesn’t mean anything to me. But at the same time, first of all the buttons on all cabs at CF suck (they’re not as responsive as most buttons since those buttons haven’t been replaced literally in years, thats why there’s no resistance when you push them down and they feel like they’re going to cave into the fucking cabinet). We know that the CF owner doesn’t keep his shit working and that Henry Cen doesn’t really harass them about it anymore, so the fact that controls sucked was no surprise. Sci lost to me fair and square in close matches, TWICE. If anything his gripe should have been that it was double jeopardy, which honestly COULD have been avoided if proper floating had been performed…one thing I will definitely make an effort to do at ECC is avoid double jeopardy at all costs.

But all the rest of the shit, including his button complaints and 2/3 losers, was totally ridiculous. When he requested 2/3 losers, at that point he’d already played me 4 games and realized how to counter me, i.e. do repeated RCs with Cammy since I don’t play CvS2 and keep trying to hit him out of them, and don’t even know her recovery time for moves. That’s all he freaking did, it wasn’t skill, it was stupid RC whoring. I hope he doesn’t think that 1. he deserved 3rd place or 2. that he’s good at that game, because I know about 100 scrubs who can whore RC just like that and suck just like him. I’m no CvS2 expert, but I am a SF veteran, and people like him just complain about everything that don’t go their way. His ego was obviously huge, and it must have crushed him to lose to a non-CvS2 player in close matches not once, but twice.

SCI = definition of a sore loser, and an honorless, just plain bad gamer. I hope he’s proud of himself. Someone should tell his girlfriend what a joke he is.

Oh, and it’s better for him that he’s not going to ECC, because if he was and he complained even once, I would just laugh at him.

team hate taken shit everywhere…

yeah this shit needs to stop. I suck and I still entered…AND my first match was against KOfiend. I called BS but still played.

let’s not have anymore tournies cancelled people.