CTF Bi-Weekly MVC2 tournament 03/01/08

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Ran by Liston)

The rules everyone knows. No game breaking glitches and you keep the same team/order if you win. Switch Glitch allowed and juggernaut glitch allowed. For you losers, you have the option of switching teams/sides.

Entry Fee is $5

Sign up time : 4pm

Start Time : 5 pm

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact Liston on AIM (bl0diavulcan)

Hope to see a good outcome again this Saturday!

Im in dere like swimwear meh!!!

EDIT: Ima try and bring my camera… it takes good pics and i think it also does good recording

thanks 4 posting this 4 me Amir and a camera sounds like a good idea.

No problem. Good shi’t Phocus, the camera should be interesting.

ill be there,cant wait.

Yeh ill prolly be there about 3ish hopefully this cam could record well… see yall tomorrow meh!

Fuck it, I’ll see about showing up just to give someone free wins, haha.

thanks 4 the support Chibi