CTF: Jeron vs. Julian Best of 10 CVS2 results


~Born to Play~

“A astonishing revelation has occurred Mr. Robinson has joined the Empire, and for those that do not know you do now. Mr. Robinson has lived two lives, one a great gamer in Philly, the other a representitive agent of the Empire. One of these lives has a future the other does not.” lol. As many of you already know Mr. Robinson was in New York City for the weekend. Okay on a serious level here are the results.

Jeron / Julian

1-C-Groove.Balrog/Bison/Blanka 1C-Zangief/Balrog/Blanka
2.C-Bison/Blanka/Vega 2.C-Zangief/Balrog/Blanka
3.C-Bison/Blanka/Vega 3.C-Zangief/Bison/Blanka
4.A-Vega/Mai/ChunLi 4.C-Zangief/Bison/Blanka
.N-Bison/Blanka/ChunLi 5.C-Zangief/Bison/Blanka
6.N-Bison/Blanka/ChunLi 6
7.K-Guile/Bison/Blanka 7.K-Balrog/Eagle/Blanka
8.K-Guile/Bison/blanka 8.K-Sagat/Bison/Blanka
9.K-Guile/Bison/Blanka 9.S-Eagle/Blanka/Bison
K-Guile/Bison/Blanka 10.S-Balrog/Eagle/Bison
11.K-Guile/Bison/Blanka 11
K-Cammy/Bison/Blanka 12.K-Sagat/Bison/Blanka
K-Cammy/Bison/Blanka 13.K-Eagle/Sagat/Blanka
K-Cammy/Bison/Blanka 14.C-Eagle/Bison/Blanka
15*K-Cammy/Bison/blanka 15.C-Eagle/Bison/Blanka

Final score 10-5 Jeron.Btw last characters were always Ratio 2 and * is indicated by win. I hope this information has informative, until then.


what’s up with NY people and best of 10 that are more than 10 matches. best of 10 means you play 10 whoever wins most wins, think you mean first to 10


~Born to Play~

I thought the same thing, but that is how they played it out. Actually some people think that it means the first to reach to ten. Maybe that is what they were doing. Until then.


thats funny. julian already had free airfare from bill. but now he gets the cool looking shirt too.:lol: