Ctf marvel results 07/26/08

This tourney was a great success with 20 + players. Thanks to the out of state competitors for your support, hope to c every one at the next one. The tourney was mad hype with random 100 dollar money game stopping it. After the tourney Erik Arroyo player Brandon Deshields in a race to 10 for a 100. Erik win 10-5. I got my shit rocked by A.K. round one and Marneto beat Nelson “Remix” Reyes round one. Also on a side note I would like to say good luck to Josh Wigfall. He is being stationed in Iraq so I’d like to wish him the best.

Tournament results

1 - Erik “SmoothViper” Arroyo
2 - Desmond “Xcutioner” Pinkney
3 - Micheal “Infinite” Williams
4 - Brandon “Demon Hyo” Deshields
5 - Sylvester “Justn Wng AKA Sly” I dobn’t know what his last name is…lol
5 - Bryheem Keys
7 - Lawrence “The law” Carr
7 - Jorge “Iron Man” Bla bla bla…lol

Theres more shit but i was really busy so I couldn’t look at all the matches plus Im so tired, so i’ll let someone else post up highlights.
Thanks to everyone that showed up. Thanks to Philly and Commy for showing up ( sorry u had to leave in the middle of the tourney man)Thank A.K for taping the Beginning matches…I mean who knew it woulda lasted this long.

Hope to c every one at the next event, which im most like gonna start earlier cuz of the time we left the tourney. Plus more people are entering now.


Damn! I should have come out to this. I had gone to a house party that ended up being garbage.

The turn out was mad good,haven’t seen this many people since the old days.Too bad I got third again,sylvester got me good.Anywayz hit me up Liston and Josh360,I’m serious about that stuff I talked to ya about.Let me know when ya have some info.“Fuc@ dat team!!!” 8D

Sorry meant 7th again. 8D

Haha!!! I’m Nelson’s demon. Jk jk. <3 Nelson.

And I officially retire Marvel after beating a top player in tournament.

Justin Wong - For teaching me how to play Marvel
Nelson - For losing to me in tournament
FlashMetroid - For not believing in me
Liston - For paying up after I beat Nelson in tournament
Infinite - For losing to me all the time in casuals
Matrix - For also losing to me all the time in casuals
RandomJames - For teaching me that the Marn reset is the ONLY reset … And for also losing to me all the time in casuals


WOW too bad I cant be on ur list since i raped u FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY in MVC2!!

Good shit Liston.

Josh good luck and be safe player.

good shit erik in winning DAT MONEY lol…like i said shit can be like a side check lol…this tourney was cool, cool seeing everyone again…next stop evo :lovin:

Good shit, Erik. Represent Gamepoint, nigga. lol

Word on the street is Merdoc sucks. Just sayin’. <3

lol streets is lying.


Suxz that i missed this tourney, but it was my family’s last night in NY before they head back to Jacksonville…

See you all at the next tourney for sure.

Liston: Throw another one soon. :frowning:

Lance Armstrong!? Fuck your team!

(It’s still better than Thrax)

Who’d Brandon lose to?

Did Bryheem bring down the verbal rape? How is this guy still pulling top 5?

I don’t remeber who Brandon lost to in the winners but Desmond Pinkney beat him in the losers. Yeah Bryheem was maaaaaaaaaaad hype

erik over me 3-1 in winners finals
desmond over me 3-1 loser finals
erik over desmond 4-2 grand finals

desmond, josh, brandon, nelson, liston were in the losers bracket of death together
brandon lost to me in the winners semi, desmond in the losers
bryheem loses to erik in the winners and desmond in losers?
desmond loses to bryheem in the winers semis to come out of his loser bracket of death
josh loses to brandon and desmond
marneto beats nelson first round and then leaves, nelson loses to desmond in losers
soooo many ppl enetered it was good shit
tons of good matches i cant even think about what happened to the rest of the ppl
j360 beats bryheem 3 money matches in a row with a 12 win streak
so much more happened it was such good shit
cant wait for the next tourney just hope its a lil earlier

Good stuff everyone. Huge turnout. Thanks for hosting Liston, cuz it’s rough hosting such a big tournament… I got lucky with my win against you.
I should have a 2nd battery pack come next tournament, so I shouldn’t run into the same problem next time. It’ll definitely help if the tournament starts earlier, especially for people from out of town.

Here’s 2 vids to start, the matches of Bryheem vs. Sylvester. Not too much to see as far as combos lol, but Bryheem beat Sylvester so gotta give him some props.

Many more vids to come:
[media=youtube]90QSqQ-OlkQ"]Bryheem vs. Sylvester [1/2[/media]
[media=youtube]wC8L9Xzu3Qc"]Bryheem vs. Sylvester [2/2[/media]

AK thanks, man!!

i saw the vids in youtube already, By the way your Strider/Cable/T.bone rocks!!!

i just finished seeing your match against Liston, and well DAMNNN!!!
good shit!!

Thanks dude. I’d hope other people pick up Strider/Tron someday haha.

I uploaded all of the videos I had, mostly from the beginning. Included are Marneto’s $10 payout match, MM videos of Chris vs. Infinite, Bryheem matches, few other random ones:


Many more, just see videos by my username, Clanshrapnel, or search CF Tourney. I’ll be uploading to that youtube account for future CF tournaments.

I have just subscribed to this account real quick.

Thanks for the vids.