Ctf Mvc2 results 06/28/08

Id like to start off by saying this has been the most hype tournament so far and Oper@ Pr0duktionz is proud to present the results and highlights :rock:

1 Erik “SmoothViper” Arroyo
2 Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall
3 Jorge "IronMan"
4 Sylvester "JustnWng"
5 Liston “Oper@” Parasram
5 Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos

First off this tournament was full a killers and never stopped being hype. I would also like to thank Damien and Julien for coming down from Philly, hope to c u guyz at the next one.

Erik got his revenge on Sylvester for the last tournament defeating him 2-0
Me beating Desmond in the second round 2-0
Jorge beating Mike Infinite with a pixle Ironman in the final game causing a chain of money games and shit talking that stopped the whole tournament. Jorge beats Mike in a 2 outta 3 for 10 leaving mike very salty. He goes back to work with that shit burning in his heart vowing to urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf Jorge next time they play. Sylvester Beats Lawrence “the Law” Carr by luck, then has a very confident victory over Desmond. Mike gets back from work to play Josh W in losers and loses(adding to the saltiness). They ten play a first to 5 for a 100. Josh W wins 5-0. They ran it back later and Josh won again. Sly beat Javier then gets scrapppppppppppppppped by Josh W. Jorge in turn gets sraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaped with a triple OCV in the loser finals. Josh and Javier play 3 separate races to 5 for a hundred. Josh won all 3 (mind u all of the races to 5 were being bet with Desmond, so he got seventh but made $500…u gotta respect that) Javier then challenged Josh to a race to 20 for $1000 dollars…which will take place in China Town Fair on the forth of July :rock::rock:.

Good shit to everyone that participated. I’ll c u all at the money match and at the next tourney.


Liston, the money matches began today when I first beat Josh W. for $10, and then michael played him for money later on. Either way it was a fun day even though everything ended mad late.

Correction: Desmond got $200 from me and will be receiving one of my massticks, :looney: the next friday that i show up.

I was thinking of a better idea for money matches to bring back this MvC2 money matches to it’s fullest again at CTF like it used to be. (since apparently Infinite, Desmond, & Myself are basically the only ones playing for the bigger amounts.)
And some players advice me to not go wasting it in one big bet since anything can happen in Marvel, i figure i challenge everyone for $100 (10 players - no repeats) (but it all must be in oneday) back to back to back etc so I can record it… (not including the Justin, Sanford, Yipes, Erik. lol)
And If you’re not so top player, then i will give some type of handicaps. Atleast, this way i can get my money’s worth. I’m still thinking of ideas. If anything, i’ll talk to desmond about it next time i go to CTF.

Come’ On everyone, let’s bring back the old money matches to CTF like it used to be… :wasted:

P.S.- Lincoln is going to start taking bets too. but only $10 at the most.

Liston: Throw a Evo East (ECC) tournament!!! I’m willing to help set it up. It’s not fair that NY/NJ isn’t getting one this year (so it seems)…

Also, anyone looking to buy a 32gb iPod Touch, let me know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Id like to start off by saying this has been the most hype tournament so far and Oper@ Pr0duktionz is proud to present the results and highlights :rock:

1 Erik “SmoothViper” Arroyo
2 Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall
3 Jorge "IronMan"
4 Sylvester "JustnWng"
5 Liston “Oper@” Parasram
5 Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos

Good shit Erik and Josh…What happend to Josh360?

wow, josh, you came up $500??? come to cali!

U doing big things Lis…ill be in ny next w/e kid

My mistake Javier, but in my defense it was way too hype to keep up with…lol.
The money matches r a good idea, it will get things back to the way they were 4 years ago. I’ll think about the ECC thing. Fugee c u there my dude.

P.S how much is the ipod. I may know someone willing to buy it. I’ll let u know.
Oh yeah I forgot to say this in the highlights. Mike Infinite was talking shit to Josh W and got perfected the final game in tournament, which is what I think started the entire chain of events…lol

Ill MM u but id rather do it on console… as we all know i suck at cf… Id like my chances better on the castdream

ok, i’m down for console. :karate:

yup, i miss those dayz. Money Matches are too much fun. and the 32gb iPod Touch is $360. (Brand New & Still sealed in box)

gs new york city

Good shi’t to all my NY brothers. I wish I could have been there. Had some business to take care of in NJ that took way longer than expected. Goodshi’t Liston, I told you your tournaments were going to get serious soon, haha. It’s only the beginning, It’s only going to get better!

The Money match days were crazy, it looks like they’ll be revived soon, eh?

ggs jorge and x… i’m feelin marvel right now so i’ll see u kids at the next one…

good shit on reviving the scene liston…

every fucking tournament i miss is fucking godlike… I will be at the next one accepting MM with all you marvel geezers LETS KEEP THIS SHIT GOIN!!!

Hey, I’m definitely down, I’ll be willing to help too. Let me know guys. This could be interesting. 8 on the Break? yesterday I was at the break and everyone was pretty cool, ALMOST everyone. Me and Arthur were planning on running future events there, so this could work if planned right.

gs josh wigfall

i’ll play you for money at next ctf tourney if u like. i dont play but will practice if you accept.


If enough people come thru they would have a lil console tourney

ok, kool. i’m down too.

do it!

name the amounts yall are willing to playing for.