Ctf Mvc2 results 07/12/08

Thanks to every one that showed up to the tourney. We had a really good turn out for this tournament. I think some of the matches were taped by Alex ku and some other people. Im not sure when they will b up.

1 - Nelson “Remix” Reyes
2 - Arthur “Baby Wolverine” Catigbe
3 - Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos
4 - Liston “Oper@” Parasram
5 - Kevin “Clubber Lang” Landon
5 - Desmond “Xcutioner” Pinkney
7 - Jose "Blue J"
7 - Jorge “Iron Man”

Like I said we had a really good turn out, in fact this has been the best turn out so far. Thanks to everyone that showed up. Im sleepy so I’ll let Baby Wolverine post the highlights. Hope to c everyone at the next one.


Good shit Arthur!

This tournament had a good turnout. Thanks for holding it Liston.

Tentative results.

Slyvester over Phocus 2-0
Bear (Blackheart olayer) over Alex 2-1
Liston over Gbursine 2-0
Alex over Gbursine 2-0
Nelson over Kevin 2-1
George over Lincoln 2-1
Arthur over Chris 2-1
Arthur over Slyvester 2-0
Nelson over George 2-0
Liston over bear 2-0
Kevin over Lincoln 2-0
Kevin over Slyvester 2-1
Chris over Phocus 2-0
Arthur over Javier 2-1
George over Chris 2-0
Blue J over Alex 2-0
Kevin over Lincoln 2-0
Kevin over Blue J 2-1
Javier over Desmond 2-0
Liston over Kevin 2-1
Javier over Liston 2-1
Nelson over Arthur 3-2
Arthur over Javier 3-1
Nelson over Arthur 4-2

Fuck Spaniards who play Marvel and wins!


/Hater mode!

damn you talking about most of the top placers

good shit fellas lol

I got some vids ill post them up later

phocus where u the guy with the hat on recording??

Thats right.

Time for us black folks to take back whats rightfully ours!!!:mad:

Flatbush! :china:

good stuff guys and Nelson for winning, and thanks for setting this up Liston. It takes a lot of work to get people together for this stuff, I know.

I got a few matches on tape that I’ll try to upload to youtube later. Next time I’ll try to get more matches on tape. Some of those matches were crazy!

Thanks a lot for taping matches and yo man I’ll c u at the next one.

Nelson Vs Jorge game 1

The cam would get blurry at times i guess losin focus but oh well! :china:

Arthur vs Chris game 1

Ill upload the rest later

Hey Liston when u get a chance swing on AIM… lol i told ya i might of found a lil spot :china:

I just wanna say it was a good turnout i had fun. Good shit Liston you know for what =D. Shout outs to Alex with the beast strider/tron lol. Phocus steppin his shit up, good shit. Lincoln once again he goes 0-2… =/ . Javi on gettin third and to BABY WOLVIE!!! UGHHHHH. Last but not least this goes to unknown you know who you are, you cant let something burn if i didnt lose money so its whatever cause i won money from this tourney so thanks. Also you are ass and you can dodge me all you want but let it be known if you go to ohio you will be getting body… You better have Justin Wong in your corner again, cause REAL TALK you aint seein me bitch.


niggas we just got ourselves a REAL match!

Good turnout, Liston is definitely bringing marvel back.

On another note Nelson sucks, he got lucky in grand finals because he mashes mad hard.

I want to play Nelson first to 10 for 100 on console.’

One button dash, on broken DC pads where we can only use the analog sticks, on a thursday night with no electricity in the house and 40 mexican gay women.

Friday the 13th, also.

Let the hate begin!! Good shit though guys!

No throwing.

No supers.

No combos.

No resets.


I’ll be randomly stopping by during this week.

good shit every1 nelz i owe u 5 knew ud win

I owe you 5 for showing me turnstyle tactics. I still can’t believe that shit.