Ctf Mvc2 Results 09/13/08

The tourney had 17 participants and ran pretty well. Im glad to see the number staying at 16+. Most of the matches were taped by AK, Im sure he’ll have them up soon.

1- Erik “SmoothViper” Arroyo
2- Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos
3- Sylvester “Sly” Chen
4- Jorge "IronMan"
5- Desmond “Xcutioner” Pinkney/ Liston “Oper@” Parasram
7- Alex “AK” Ku/ Lincoln “DragonGod” Morris

Great turnout, hope to have u all back plus some of the other good players that are afraid to play.


Unbelievable Erik will not lose a cf tourney to you guys like EVER
Good shit Smoothviper you are really to godlike there.

Lot of comp at CF just when you think your on a roll the next person’s style proves challenging… good turnout and good matches.

Dudes are mad cool out there and Jorge thanks for the tip about sentinal and then madhandlin me in tourney after being up 1-0.

I heard Desmond in the background sayin " Jack of All Trades…" prior to the match I might wanna run with that. haha

Good shit, i had fun…so close in beating liston lol good shit though.

Good Turn out…
Suxz that Lincoln lost his iPod Touch at CTF that day for being so damn careless… :mad:

wtf…howd he do dat?

glory to god for giving us something

young avila at it again

Good Shit to the Placers!!!

I suck.

First vids of Kevin’s CC comeback are up:

Rest of the matches will be added to the above link later in the week once videos are edited and uploaded.

Good games.

He was playing Street Fighter 4, so he put his iPod Touch on his lap, and when he got up from the machine, it fell on the floor. (He didn’t hear it fall since it’s so loud at CTF)
Then, when he went back to look for it, someone told him that a white guy with glasses took it and ran out. So Lincoln went on the search for his iPod Touch but didn’t succeed…

Javier, check your PMs.

oh wow that sux…thats why u dont keep shyt like dat on your lap.

No problem STYPE,actually it was liston who gave me that advice and I just passed it on.Also I got mad cause I was finally able to beat “X” after like 10 tournaments of losing to him and “viper” and ended up losing cause I wasn’t paying attention.Plus “Sylvester” is good so if you give him a chance you get scrapped like I was.Anywayz withj this new info and more courage maybe I can finally take storm,sentinel and cap down.Here’s hoping.Also good turn out and all the matches were crazy,good shit Blackheart that was a crazy win,keep it up.Peace…

Postin on srk now? lol random…Its Nelson btw.

Hello this is the crack house
Welcome to the crack house
I mean am talkin more pies than a phrat house
This is the problem this is not Marvel

x out of the top 3???



i know:wgrin: