Ctf Mvc2 Tourney 04/19/08


Ok guys I’m doing another Marvel tourney on 04/19/08.

Rules - U guyz know what the rulez r.

Entry fee - $5

Double Elimination

Hope u guyz can show up to this one.
If anyone for what ever reason doesn’t know the rulez or has some other question about the tourney, u should post it here or im me @ Bl0diavulcan


good shittttttt!


woooops i posted this in the wrong place. (i waz mad tired…lol)

itz in da tournament & events section now:bgrin:


So, who won?


Time Travel?




I mean, he does play Cable too, so I can see the paradox, haha.


Damn I’m godlike to c the future lol:rofl:


What’s good with some results.


I think erik won


Top 3
1st: smooth viper
2nd: george
3rd: Arthur aka baby wolverine

sorry liston…beat you to it and im in another state :looney:


no prob man. I got home like 2 in the morning. I would like to say that we had a great turn out.

  1. Erik 'smoothviper" Arroyo
  2. Jorge “Ironman”
  3. Arthur “Baby Wolverine”
  4. Kevin
  5. Josh “360” Aponte
  6. Javier “Kameleon”


heard you guys had a pretty good turn out


HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH baby wolverine UGH hahahhahahhahahaha


yeah bro it would have been 19 if 2 people got there on time and another 2 guyz drop out cuz of time (zay that waz embarrassing.lol). So instead we got 15 people. Hope the turn out will be better next time. I will definitely start the tourney at a better time.


umm i got quite a few vids so they will be up somewhere soon lol
lol baby wolverine

lmfao i got beasted on in this tourney… but i guess its all part of gettin better haha


some of these games were casual and some were tourney… I dont feel like sortin them so if u see it and u remember if it was tourney or not let me know ill label it
Kevin VS Josh360 game 1