Ctf Mvc2 Tourney, NY NY 08/16/08

Sup guys Im throwing another marvel tourney on 08/16/08. Sorry it took so long to post this one up, I needed a break. It’s hard work runnin these things. The last tourney was a great success but had a few flaws. For instance the time it ended. If the tourney is going to have this many players, Im goin to have to start the tourney earlier. Which would actually attract more players.

Sign ups start at 5 PM

tournament starts at 6PM

entry fee $10

Yo guys i have a life so b on time, I dont need to b there until 1:30 in da morning.
The random money matches will only b allowed if its at least for $50. Nothing below that and no ridiculously long sets. U dont like it dont enter. I got places to b. In addition to pot i will puttin a price on Erik head this tourney (my bad Erik, i need to get niggas hype). If u beat him in da winners bracket or losers bracket u get $25. Hope everyone can make it to this one.


Oh Shit!! Erik’s a TARGET…GET HYPE NIGGAZ!!!

Yo Liston, I understand about the time restraints (though I don’t plan on entering CF tourneys for the most part…you already know). Get there on time or don’t bother entering!! If you need help running these events you already know where I stand…

I’ll make it my business to be there this time!!

why you stealing my shit of putting prices on peeps to knock them out the tourney? Wheres Nelson the Bounty Hunter at?

Hahaha, im in there my dude… Havent seen you in a minute hows everything going?

got a knee sprain right now, hoping I didnt tear my acl. If i am walking i’ll be at this tourney

Sorry Liston, I most likely won’t be going to this tourny either. Going to a HS Reunion/BBQ. But if I decided to blow that shit I’ll def be enter.

Damn sorry to hear that man, hope its not to serious… Get that shit checked asap my dude just to be on the safeside.

P.S. Arthur get that party poppin…

I did, I am getting it rechecked on thursday to make sure I didnt tear anything

How is ur foot man

Do me the favor and bring the stick today if you can, imma pass thru a little late. Gotta handle somethings real quick.

da tourney is next week guy…im not goin to china town today. Yo call me later n give me a day to meet u in CF

Oh aite my nigga, imma hit you up later…

been going on for a while


that bounty is mine!!!


Hey, liston i wont be able to go to this tourney, i have to go to PHILLY!!! But next one I am there for sure!!!

Got back this Monday mad late and only in New York until Thursday night or Friday morning :sad:

Good luck with the tournaments, heard they were GODLIKE.

Oh you best believe im there!

Did you guys go to EVO?

How you did?

Well I heard from Kellz that he’s entering this tourney, so if he does im putting the same price on his head also. Plus Erik said he’ll give a bonus $25 in addition to my $25 dollars. Good luck:lovin: