Ctf Mvc2 Tourney, NY NY 08/30/08

Yall kno the deal, yet another marvel tourney. I received an offer for some one to run a third strike tourney the same day. If ur still interested post the rules and time here.
Every one should know the rules, but if u don’t just pm/im me. Kellz said that he would enter last week, but he had a hurt foot so he couldn’t make it. Hopefully he can make this time.

Date 08/30/08
Entry $10
sign ups 5 pm
Start time 6 pm

the last tourney ran very smoothly and finished at an acceptable time. I hope to c everyone there.


Yo you should do Sf4 tournament Liston.

hey guys i was wondering if u guys want a 3s tourney cause amir from FFA is coming to town

henry said no sf4 tournies, for like a month or so, or atleast till the 2nd cab comes.

ps. im in there

Ok cool.

yeah we gotta wait till that cuz the amount of people that would enter. We need another cab

Cool. I will start coming up there to hang out and get my butt kick in sf4.

[quote=“JustinW, post:3, topic:46431”]

hey guys i was wondering if u guys want a 3s tourney cause amir from FFA is coming to town[/QUO
hell yea, a 3s tourney wuld b gdlk

EDIT: ooo and im enterin marvel for sure, mii got sum $$$ so i dont care about tourney fee anymore

That would be nice

if theres gonna be a 3s tourney the thread title should be changed so more people will notice

Once again I’m actually trying to go to the movies or something that day but I’m willing to bet just like the last two times that the plans will bomb horribly and my ass will be entering Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

So I’ll be there…

LMAO!!! C u there

2nd place here I come…

Phil and I should be going as well

uggggggggggggggggggggggh…Shawn fuckin Morgan:rock:

u gonna run the third strike tourney? Post up the time and entry fee:tup:

Wong and Amir in the Grand Finals? lol its a setup!:looney:

The 2 best Chuns in the country going at it:nunchuck:

What is the address to this event? I am in Newark, NJ visiting family and I’ma try to get to this event.


Read the 1st post in that thread. Has all the info you need :tup: