Players…I’m posting this in place for Mr.Sean “Vizard” who was at work when he and I were discussing this last minute 3s tourney.

Now unlike the previous tourneys he has been hosting…these 2v2 teams will not be randomized…instead you will have to find your partner…in the event that you cannot find your partner…your and the other players’ names who dont have a partner will be written on an index card and will be randomized…again this is simply for those without a partner during signups.

(((RULES FOR 3s)))

Signups will begin at 2pm…with the tourney starting at 3 pm
Entry Fee will be 6 bucks per team…


SIGNUPS at 2…Tourney at 3
10 bucks per head
Double Elim///2/3 matches///Grandfinal 3/5
Can Change character anywhere throughout the tourney(Just kno that changing characters for the sake of changing and not counter picking is deemed scrubby)

Winner last time for 3s was Lavaheart and Albert
For sf4 i believe it was Lincoln"DragonGod"Morris and my niggz Zohta

Duke Vs Ahmed ft5
Frankie vs Ahmed ft5

Alright now we need at least 30 people for 3s to run 3v3…in the event that we fall short, we gonna take a quick vote as to who wants 2v2s or singles…unless we have some voice for it in the thread…personally singles…double elim would be a nice change…But yea voice your opinionz 3s’ers





The 2v2 is single elim?


damn sooo last min ill see if i can go =(

you should at least move it to next weekend frankie no?


this saturday? ain’t happening for me


we should do singles for sf4


look…2v2 would be double elim…and 3s crowd for sure is gonna be there…im not at all for kissing up to sf4…thats sean job…i jus tell 3s players to show and they show…thats the shit…maybe i shouldnt have been the one to post it cuz i jus dont care for the cf sf4 community…only niqqa i work wiff at this point is zohta…he kool…but we can jus make it a 3s 3v3s…i mean reguardless…we are gonna run these tourneys weekly…This capping it off…others will be different formats…cheaper entrees ect…but we need a good turnout


Il come thru



I’m definitely gonna start CF weekly tournaments the problem is that the month coming up (Aug 9-26) I plan on going to Japan for SBO if my Vacation time get approved. I didn’t wanna rush into Weeklys right before I go to Japan and make/run the tournies sloppy, Frankie you called me when I was at work and said we should do a last min tournament for 3s cause the 3s people show no matter what which is cool but I don’t want this to be the First of the Cf weekly ranbats. When it comes to Sf4 I like the game but I LOVE 3s but I’m not gonna start a whole 3s is better than sf4 war cause I play both that’s why I’m talking to Andy"Citi of brass" so we can work together and make these CF tournies HYPE “ER” than before. When it comes to format for 3s like I told you 3v3 if more than 30 people show and 2v2 for 20 and below as for Sf4 2v2 works great and no problems so far. When it comes to entry I made it 1$ cause mad people told me that 5$ is too much plus 1$ per play for sf4 but when I made it 1$ people didn’t show cause there wasn’t enough money in the pot to make it worth the time, so for the next one I’m gonna discuss it with Andy. Now when it came to the Random format that idea was told to me by Nohoho and I beilive it was a great idea cause you didn’t know who was gonna be your partner be it Issei or some 5 year old so you had to depend on yourself and hopefuly people would get better from that plus it makes a hella hype ass drawing to see who your partner is gonna be :bgrin: I hope that clears some stuff up. Frankie there are mad tournies that day and I work till 6-ish Plus I told adnan (Sf4 player) before he posted that I’m gonna go to his tournament so do what you gotta do man I support you anytime dood. Now to get Jap cabs at cf…


i wanna go but i have my sights set on that barfight. let us know when the next one is asap cause im always hyped to jsut play at ctf


aww franky ur gonna make me blush ( im not greek LOL)
but i think its better if you change the date and come to the bar fight tournament cuz its seems like everyone is going to that, it could be fun


word plus we dont have to join we can just chill out

idk about anyone else but im getting left in the dust in sf4 and with CTF soon to have weekly tournaments…im steppin into the hyperbolic time chamber for that shit

my 3s game wont drop at all since i play everyday hopefully but yea even though its 2 hours away from me ill head to that bar fight


my man…all you need is like 10 hours a play a week against diverse opponents and u’ll crack top 8 for fraay…sf4 doesnt require as much as 3s…but yea its watever…the 3s crowd iz still gonna show up no whatever what so itz kool…have sum money matches cuz niggas talkin smack as alwayz…probably gonna show up to bar fight


Ok soooo you’re moving the date on this Frankie? It seems like the bar fights thing has most everyones interest. And I’m gonna be somewhere else on saturday so my free ass can’t make it :shake:


haha yea you actually right about that lol i made top 8 in every single tournament for sf4 i entered and i dont even play it as much lol

to be honest (i said before) i dont challenge ppl to mm’s i just let ppl challenge me cuz for me 3s isnt that kind of game to make money off of imo

i just play it cuz i want to be the best thats all i need to motivate me to play my best :tup:

hopefully ill see you at the bar fight…drinks anyone?


Yea we gonna move it for next saturday…sean or myself is goin to post after bar fights…imma make it…we gonna get saused lloyd lmao


next saturday would be awesome! please do it! and change the date on the topic to make it known :smiley:


Ill come through and play prolly.


bump this shit, this is gonna be crack


OH SNAP its 3v3 for 3s

ima need an extra player for my team, we in there though

anyone wanna join my team? we got K.O/ Uraken/ ??? missin 1 more =P

oh yea and Frankie dont we RLY need 24 ppl to run a proper 3v3?? we never had one yet this year so itll be nice to do :tup: