CTF Pre-ECCXI MVC2 Tourney..5/20/06

ok ok, its back like that good ol’ cooked crack. This is the calm before the storm tourney since iknow people want one so bad and need that lil tourney practice before the big one imma do this for everyone. :tup:

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Time: 3:30(sign-ups) - 4:30pm (tourney will begin)
Game: MVC2, 3S, CVS2
here is the thread for 3S and CVS2 (http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=111596)
Entry Fee: 5$
location: chinatown fair (8 mott street, New york, NY)

Rules: double elim. 2/3 matches, 3/5 winners/loser finals, 4/7 grand finals
no game breaking glitches n all that

  • I have made this 5$ entry fee for marvel to encourage more people to enter and just in case people are saving for ECCXI. it isnt to much out of the pocket(1 Mcdonalds meal)

  • Im going to want everyone there on time please to get used to to ECC rules and evern if you are on time dont just walk away and dissaper please let me know or come ask me when your match is so im not looking for person A forever.

  • Who knows maybe a special guest will be in attendence:wink:

  • I also might be able to give out some special prizes randomly to people who sign up, ill let you know more about that later though :clap:

  • Anything I might have forgot let me know and any questions please ask.

i’m there:tup:

Damn guess i gotta take another dayoff to Hype THIS FUCKING TOURNEY UP!!!

For once, I’ll enter.


Aslong as i get a free keychain everything is koo. =p

yea ill try 2 show maybe get a free prize lol.

i want a slinkee nugga =D

Cake walk. Make that shit 10.

ill be here to fuck shit up.


If you guys get some new sticks I’ll bring about 20 people including myself. Those PAC-MAN sticks just aren’t cutting it it cuts your performance down to like -0 percent.

its gonna be 5$ so that other people that normally dont enter will enter and for people saving money for ECCXI

yes i know and im gonna see if we can get new sticks on the cabinets.:clap:

i hope you can too, good luck on that. ur prolly gonna be putting some of ur own money into it tho considering that guy who runs the place is a fucken spaz

Damn, thats better then a keychain… I’LL HAVE WHAT HE’S HAVING! :rofl:

imma remember you both want those, so ill add those in but also there will be ps2,xbox, or psp game/s accessories, dvds, cds, posters, maybe gamestop gift cards or something.

-when I have the pirzes ill be numbering them and handing them out by signing up. so its not biased and more who signs up 1st and last to get what pirze.
person 1 signs up, person 2 signs up and gets prize #2(xbox360game), person 3 and 4 sign up, person 5 signsup and gets prize #5 gamestop gift card…and so on.
i dont know how many prizes ill have though but ill list them when time is closer :tup:

Money Mike got 10,000 plans.


Yo Mike is this tourney still going down homie?

I might go, I don’t play MvC2 but it sounds like fun.

I might sign up so I have a chance to get a prize. Either way, Imma get owned.

Hey Mike, like I said, I’ll def. be there, but might be a lil late, def no later than 5,

save me a prize honey money mike