CTF T5 Results & Random Mvc2 Tournament Results

Originally there was only suppose to be a T5 tournament at CTF but since Philly showed up we had a random Mvc2 tournament as well.

T5 Results:
1st: Ajani "Madd Ocx"
2nd: LOC
3rd: Akmaal "Cidkid"
4th: Blood Red
5th: Brian H
5th: Josh Wong

Mvc2 Results:
1st: Larry Flynt The Xecutioner
2nd: Brandon"DemonHyo:Deshields
3rd: Erik"SmoothViper"
4th: George
5th: Bryheem Keyes
5th: Kalick

I guess when there is a T5 tournament there will be Mvc2 tournament as well. See you guys on May 1st at the Break and the 14th at the $yndicate tournament.

Pozzle under chunk sn

Goooood shit X

Is Law putting any of those videos up that he recorded?

good shit dez.
i wana see josh take t5 next time >=/ make it happen.

wow good shit WHo beat Brian H in T5? also make sure law puts some of those vids up from marvel.

sounds like it was a hot tourney. sorry i couldnt make it but i had other plans already, to random for me to make it. good shit des.