CTF Tournament(7/10/04):The Champ Is Here(EVO Ticket Bonus) Results

Josh Wigfall wins the evo ticket!!!


1st-Sanford Kelly(santhrax,storm/sent/cable, row, mss-a)
2nd- Josh Wigfall “Wiganator”(msp)
3rd- Rahsaan “ORG” (storm/sent/cyke, cable/sent/cyke, santhrax)
4th-Desmond “Xecutioner” (msp, santhrax, sent/storm/cyke)

5th-Eddie Lee
5th- Pungza
7th-Michael "infinite"
7th-Issac “Tyranidman”


  • josh wigfall wins the winners finals 3-2 against sanford
  • sanford wins the loser finals 3-2 against rahsaan
  • sanford winning 4-0, 4-1 in the grand finals
  • chris"matrix" making cyclops roundhouse change colors :smiley:
  • eddie lee beating his demon issac
  • i think issac has vids so maybe hell put em up
  • nice turnout, see u all at evo

i dont have the cvs2 bracets, justin will post em up later

i own you all

10 year kid vs Megaman Steve was fun.

holy shit, interesting results. good shit everybody, especially wigfall, hustling the hustlers, and isaac cuz thats my boo :o
and wtf pungza, god still coming out of nowhere and beasting, that dude is always good. everybody needs to come back to MD and chill, and blaze that ish.

How could that NOT be a highlight. “Justin Wing” vs Megaman Steve. Too bad he didnt play both games.

Here are some unofficial results for CvS2:

1st: Justin Wong C-Vega, Sagat, Chun Li R2
2nd: Arturo Sanchez C- Eagle(cant remember if it was him or Sagat), Sakura, Blanka r2
3rd: Omar Walrond K- Sagat, Rock, Hibiki r2
4th: Nibor

5th: Sanford
5th: Andy “City Of Brass”

Props to everyone who went, good shit, especially Omar, coming back from Michigan and placing top 3.

pretty sure it was sagat.

Wiganator always reppin’ MSP and nothing else

Empire/$yndicate City: China town fair Results. 7/10/04

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

1st- Santhrax Kelly: (santhrax, storm/sent/cable, row, mss-a) -Empire-
2nd- Josh Wigfall “Wiganator”: (msp)
3rd- Rahsaan “ORG”: (storm/sent/cyke, cable/sent/cyke, santhrax)
4th- Desmond “Xecutioner”: (msp, santhrax, sent/storm/cyke) -Empire-
5th- Eddie Lee
5th- Pungza
7th- Michael “infinite” -Empire-
7th- Issac “Tyranidman”

Capcom Vs. SNK 2

1st: Marvelous: C-Vega, Sagat, Chun Li R2 -Empire-
2nd: Arturo Sanchez: C- Sagat, Sakura, Blanka r2 -Empire-
3rd: Omar Walrond K- Sagat, Rock, Hibiki r2
4th: Nibor -Empire-
5th: Santhrax -Empire-
5th: Andy “City Of Brass”

Special Prize of the free Airline ticket to attend Evolution 2004, goes to Josh Wigfall. Congratulations!!!

CVS2 Results
17 Entries

1st. Justin Wong - C Groove Vega Sagat Chun R2
2nd. Arturo - C Groove Eagle Sagat Blanka R2
3rd. Omar - K Groove Hibiki Rock Sagat R2
4th. Nibor - C Groove Ken Sagat Chun R2
5th. Sanford - MANY TEAMS
5th. CitiofBrass- K Groove Cammy Hibiki and I forgot the last character

-Omar from Texas puts Sanford in Losers 2-0
-Nibor Eliminates Sanford 2-1
Omar Eliminates Robin 2-0
Arturo puts Omar in losers 2-1
JWong puts Nibor and Arturo in Losers
Art Eliminates Omar 3-0
JWong beats Arturo 1-0 We only play ONE Game.

Rahsaan is hella good now man
Good shit!:slight_smile:

So mad I got robbed but its all good. Very nice show up and good games to everyone.

Isaac and shamy are the shit.

Good shit to JWong and Omar(sounds like you improved a lot since we played at TS4). See both of you at Evo.

so he played? :o
got 2nd? well done!! :smiley: i noe u ar great!
and all the empire members too, u guys ar too good. :slight_smile:

Omar got 3rd!? GREAATTT

Mad fun tourney, cool seein all my <3’s, BETTER COME TO EVO FUCKERS!!!


Putting me against Justin Wing…damn, my career woulda been over if I lost…and that kid IS good

HAHAHAHAHA. And all of you laughed at me when I made a thread about finding that glitch.

<3 isaac lol

man nice chillen with ya again… asl? haha

fun tourney…mad koo chillen with yall…isaac u got lincoln sleepin on the mvc2 machine right? that shit was gold lol

good shit josh…and fuckin sanford is a beast…holy shit grandfinals was UGLY:(

Whoever told me not to pushblock during normal jump, thx a lot.:cool:

I have no idea how to play that game.:frowning:



how about u post the results a few more times?

josh is taking 2nd at evo…done