CTF Tournament: Movin' The Movement Results

i have mvc2 results only, cvs2 will be up later.

mvc2:22 players

1st-Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly[empire/syndicate] (team santhax,team row)
2nd-Michael “-=Infinite=-” Williams[syndicate/empire] (team row,team santhrax)
3rd-Eddie Lee (mag/cable/doom)
4th-Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney[syndicate/empire] (cable/sent/cyke, team santhrax, team matrix)
5th-Evil Rahsaan “ORG”[syndicate] (team santhrax, mss-a, cable/sent/cyke)
5th-Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall (mss-a)

full results
9-Jose(Blue J)
13-Liston Pariasham(sp?)
13-Fernando(The Game Mario)
13-Travis(port authority player)
17-Steve(MM Master STE)
17-Milton idunnolastname
17-David Lopez (cf player)
17-Will Rivera(ptx555)
17-Joe Matao( ???)

-X vs rahsaan was 2-1 X
-X vs me was 2-0 me
-losers finals(me vs eddie lee) score 3-1
-winners finals(eddie lee vs sanford) score 3-1
-grand finals(me vs sanford) score 4-2
-megaman steve vs pungza wasnt bad(keep up that storm steve)
-commy is a beast and has some sick resets in his head
-sanfords storm is pretty crazy:confused:
-looks like eddie lee practices after his encounter with issac @ breakdown
-matches were recorded and will be up soon
-see u guy at ecc9;)

Good shit to everyone that was there. I had to take off before it was over but i was eliminated anyway haha.

I got beat up by omar and arturo pretty bad :lol: good shit to you guys. Back to training for me.

Good shit mike

Waiting for CvS2 results…wanna see Nick on there…

Good job on getting 2nd mike. Keep those skillz up for ecc9 my friend, because we will need it for the team tournament.:cool: :wink: :cool:

Nice job to sanford as well.

Eddie Lee got 3rd!?!:eek: I guess everybody is playing hungry for that $2,000 pot at ecc9.

Can’t wait for the vids.:smiley:

still on my list mike


Good shit to everyone who went, wish i coulda came, cant wait to see you guys at ecc :smiley: .

Yeah good games to everyone at the tourney. I had to fight eddie the first round on cvs2 and got beasted on. i won the first round in the losers but then ran into omar and got raped:lol: . BTW when r u guys gonna put up the eddie vs sanford cvs2 match, that was too crazy:eek: .

CVS2 Results and highlights!!
1st.Arturo S.C-Sagat,Blanka(R2),Sakura
2nd. Eddie L-A-Blanka,Eagle,Vega
3rd.Jeron G-K-Sagat,Cammy,Blanka
4th.Sandford K-Cammy,Blanka,Sagat
5th.Josh Wong-A-Vega,Bison,Blanka

Cool tournament,it was a nice warmup for ECC!Philly rolled through so that was cool.I’ll put actual highlights up later.


050804 $yndicate Movement/Road to ECC9

~Born to Play~

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st- Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly[$yndicate/Empire] (team santhax,team row)

2nd- Michael “-=Infinite=-” Williams[$yndicate/Empire] (team row,team santhrax)

3rd- Eddie Lee (mag/cable/doom)

4th- Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney[$yndicate/Empire]
(cable/sent/cyke, team santhrax, team matrix)

5th- Evil Rahsaan “ORG”[$yndicate] (team santhrax, mss-a, cable/sent/cyke)

5th- Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall (mss-a)

Capcom vs. SNK2

1st- Arturo S. [Empire] C-Sagat,Blanka (R2),Sakura

2nd- Eddie L. A-Blanka,Eagle,Vega

3rd- Jeron G. [Empire] K-Sagat,Cammy,Blanka

4th- Sandford “Santhrax” [Empire] K-Cammy,Blanka,Sagat

5th- Nibor [Empire] C-Ken,Chunli,Sagat

5th- Josh Wong-A-Vega,Bison,Blanka

Congratulations all winners. Good job Empire.

X stop sandbagging.

good job to all those that went.:slight_smile: nick man, what happened? don’t worry, you’ll get em next time. you’re a beast. pause.

Wow yesterday was pretty bad for me. The only thing that cheered me up was the fact that my mother won 500 bux.

tight. thats a great mother’s day gift.:cool:

Eddie Lee playing Blanka??

Go Eddie!

good shit mike

nice win sanford:cool:

Dang, Arturo is still beastin, and Eddie is coming back to his old self I see.:cool:

Will vids of Cvs2 be up also Jeron?

the vids will be up soon there all encode will shall be posted asap…

good shit mike:D

pimpstatus!!! U just got ya status back homie, although u still got played like a bitch on tha phone:eek:

Props to all who went. I personally again failed to get into the winner’s bracket again, I guess ECC should be my time for redemption.

Looking forward to the Sanford vs Eddie (CvS2) vids.

It was a good match between Eddie Lee and Stanford. Can’t wait to see the vids :cool: Hope to see everyone at ECC9 :slight_smile: