Ctf Tourney 07/12/08

Ok guyz bcuz a popular demand another tourney…hope this one will b just as hype if not more.

the rules r the same as always (ask if ur not sure about the rules)
Entry is now $10…plus im putting extra money into the pot…this should make u guyz try harder to win.
Time: 6:30

Any questions post them here or hit me up on aim.


wow… $10 :wtf: sounds good, but that may affect our turn out… Lincoln wants to know if he can get a discount on that. lol

LOL…have Lincoln call me we’ll talk about it. I might get to own his first born…JK LOL, but seriously I’ll help him out.

Can you guys stop Erik from winning this time around hes mad good and all but damn step yall shit up.


hmmmm I might have to show up to this to donate to the pot :frowning:

i’m going to try to make it

bring all the NJ scrubs and lets do this for money

new york baby

nice… if bums can’t save $10 in 2 weeks thats sad…

ima be there getting top 5 nigga

liston call me when this go down foo…i STAY forgetting bout these tournies.

nah man i don’t wanna sound like an asshole or nothin but u know the truth hurtz sumtimes. I have alota niggas from NYC here that will pretty make sure that dont happen…but u know wat i wont put u down, maybe ur god like…show wat u got

my nigga wats ur number?

What games are you running?

well im running marvel. I have no idea if nohoho is running st.

He is!

We gots a separate thread this time – that’s going to get pushed way down the list ugh – but super turbo is a go!

I think third strikers are eyeing that day too.

nice…more games is a good thing

Liston is there def gonna be that tourney this sat?? just wanna make sure! :china:

any details or updates on the 3s tourney?

ill run cvs2 if people still play that game

what tourney is this for? 3s included?

ill b there for it but i dont know what kind of turn out there will b with me and every one i know having hang overz …lol

Lol I hear that! Im Kusheddd out my mind right now! :china: