Ctf Tourney Mad March 3/29/08

Sooo its 11:02 am on a cold monday day and I decided to make a thread to run another ctf tourney because the last one was pretty good compared to the other ctf tourneys. So here’s the rundown

Tourneys that are going to be in session.
Street Fighter 3rd Strike (Ran by me)
Capcom vs SNK 2 (Ran by Min)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Ran by Liston)
Super Turbo (Ran by Nohoho)
Guilty Gear AC (Ran by me or ggxx player)
Arcana Heart (Ran by noel)

The rules everyone know. No game breaking glitches and keep same character but allowed to change supers/arcanas.

Entry Fee is $5 per game except for super turbo. I think Super turbo cost $2 or $3. Depends on master nohoho. And it is Pay Per Play.

Sign up time : 4pm

Start Time : 5 pm

Please come on time. Thankssssssss. Any more questions/suggestions/or want to add some random game. Say it in this thread. And any MM’s for me or noel say it in this thread. THANK YOU

P.S. Everyone should show up. Its tourney season

if a lot of ppl show up ill run a 2v2 or 3v3 for cvs2 if u guys want

Justin MM me for $5 in Threes cause Imma scrub. :]

i’ll be there

I’m gonna come to this one, hopefully I have retained my touch of cf sticks. I don’t know what happened last tournament but I don’t even look at it as an effort. CvS2 will be different. :wink: MIN HOOOOOO!!!

Can anyone post this on dustloop and say I will be running the tourney and not derrick from ctf. So no pot stealing this time

damn pot stealing? for real? damn is some fucked up shit…!!!

and justin you know the drill… and noel knows the drill so it’s gonna happen as far as mms lol

and ill be there… and i gotta learn default buttons for GG… OH NOES!!!

posted on dustloop.

Time to get my REVENGE!!! hopefully gonna make third place this time. :frowning:



Here comes daredevil!

sounds interesting…

I’ll probably be there, should be fun.

Not sure if I can make this one :sad: . I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll be going. Maybe enter ST as well…
Practice during the upcoming weeks against Nohoho’s blanka…:looney:

I’m there and down for a little 3v3 cvs2 action but probably more likely to be 2v2

u bringing the hoes this time? :chat:

pot stealing ftw


btw, what were the payouts? (<_<;

in addition to the lesser total pot, our payouts seemed pretty damn freestyled.

we had 22 entrants apparently (so $110 total), i got 40 for 1st, frodo got 25 for 2nd, and i think 10(?) for third.
so the total pot after some being taken was 75.
yeah, $35 was subtracted. and the payouts were somehow…
1st: $40=53.33…%
2nd: $25=33.33…%
3rd: $10=13.33…%
i mean puuhleese.
use a calculator at least!

he ran it since i was the backup for sean, and sean said he let derrick do it and i let it happen since i was lazy


ill enter 3s

im never playing ac in tournament on those shit ass sticks again

They aren’t that bad…

You know it!