Ctf Tourney Mad March 3/29/08


  1. Chris Doyle (Chun-Li)
  2. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)
  3. Arturo (Dhalsim)
  4. Sean (Ryu, E. Honda, Ken)
  5. Sanford Kelly (Ryu, Guile)
  6. AntiShoto (E. Honda)
  7. Walter (Boxer, Claw)
  8. Nick (Claw, Chun-Li)
  9. Eggy (O. Sagat)
  10. Tha King Rocka (Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ken)
  11. Joe iLOVEu (O. Sagat)
  12. Master Chibi (Guile)
  13. DS (?)

Anyone who knows results for the other games, post em here.

i heard there was mad drama in mvc2…MVC2!!!

damn, I shoulda stayed! >_<

CTF was crowded as hell at like 6PM. lol

Get those AC results up!

Guilty Gear Accent Core: (16 entrants)

  1. MarlinPie (Ganondorf/Pink Power Ranger)
  2. iloveu (Eddie/Pot?)
  3. Alzarath (Testament)
  4. Mamation (Ky/Eddie)
  5. Tony B (Testament)
  6. GREEK (Orda Sol)
  7. Henaki (Potemkin)

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (24 entrants)

  1. Eric (Urien)
  2. Lavaheart (Akuma)
  3. iloveu (Ken/Urien/Chun-Li)
  4. sergio (Oro/Q)
  5. Frenzy (Ken)
  6. Tony T (Ken)
  7. Bmoney (Urien)

Thanks to Tinshi for helping (by that I mean primarily) running 3s.
Thanks to Marlin for running GG and thanks to Derrick for NOT stealing the pot this time.

Shoutouts to Lavaheart, for pulling through pretty far.
Eric for reppin the manthong
Happy Bday Joe
Bmoney for bringing brackets

Somebody ban this guy.

LOOOOOL. mad drama in mvc2? OMG?! MVC2?! NO WAIIIII.

get updateddddd.

and yeah gg. I need to learn how to fight kkkkyyyyyyy. especially mamation ky. :frowning:

your mother ban this guy.

Destroyed :mad:

THAT’s ERIC THE SNAKe!!! for third strike first place winner.

Marvel Results

  1. Nelson “Remix” Reyes ( MSS, MSP)
  2. Erik “Smooth Viper” Arroyo ( Santrax, Rowtron, MSS, Storm Sent Cable)
  3. Josh “Wiganator” Wigfall ( MSP, MSS)
  4. Lincoln “Dragon God” Morris ( MSS, Santrax)
  5. Liston “Oper@” Parasram ( MSS)
  6. Amir “Snake” Arabi ( Sent Strider Doom)
  7. Javier “Kameleon” ( Santrax, MSS)
  8. Tony ( MSS)
  9. Andre “Demise” ( MSP, Santrax)
  10. Walter “Bacardi” Padilla ( Srub, MSP)
  11. Phocus ( Cable sent ironman, and other teams which i can’t recall)
  12. Lil Justin ( Srub)


Nelson vs Erik in the finals
Erik wins the first set 4-1 and Nelson wins the Final set 4-2
shortly afterwards they almost had a fist fight in real life.
Yo it’s marvel baby!!!

We had a pretty good turn out and I hope to see u guys at the next tourney

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: srub :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good shit Nelson.

Marvel is SeriouZ.

Good shit to all the Marvel players keeping the scene alive.

I’m destined to be 4th place forever.

Good games everyone, I’m going to be playing non stop 3s for the next couple of weeks if all goes according to plan, getting ready for C3!

good shit seeing you there. :rofl:


haha damn i shoulda went, thought no1 was gonna go


epic drama…marvel is serious biznazz lol…good shit nelson

Joe: I hate you.

That is all :o

haha, they almost had a fight forreal?? ahhhh i shouldaa waited…:shake:
we need some console tourneys for marvel… real talk those sticks suck!

Yo Nelson teach me the bitch lol… good shit on winning :looney: