CTF Tourney Results!

The only tourney that happened was 3S. MVC2/RF2/ST did not happen. CVS2 was cancelled due to I dont know what the reason was. I guess poor bracketing and lateness because of black people!!!

3S had 19 entries. Which is pretty good because 3S tournies were garbage back then. So yeaa
1ST. Justin Wong (Ken/Chun)
2ND. KOFiend (Yang/Yun)
3rd. Albert (Yun)
4th Flash G ( Ken/Yang/Ryu)
5th Kevin (Necro/Ken)
5th Helgen X (Ryu/Ken)
7th Andy (Makoto/Oro)
7th Doug (Remy)
9th Jeron (Elena/Chun)
9th David (Oro)
9th Tie (Alex/Dudley)
9th Jia (Ken)

And everybody else you know what ya got!!!

KOfiend put me in the losers bracket.
Albert actually got 3rd.
Henry got owned up and lost to Andy/Jia
Flash entered in losers and then I beat him but he unlocked the secret boss
Kofiend vs me was good until I picked CHUN LI.

Thanks for coming. Stay tune for the next tourney!!!


shouldnt Albert and FlashG play to c who gets 3rd? Alberts complaining tat he didnt get to play FlashG.

Secret boss action is fun

Um albert got into winners finals vs kofiend, plus me and jwong was in losers early so I would run into justin first before albert.

WTF?!! I show up @ CF after being put through pure HELL at work due the overcrowding at the comic con @ the Javitz; For those not aware, there’s a major comic con going on at the Javitz, but beacuse way too many people showed up and there was no more space, the fire marshall had to stop people from going on, so many many people were left with no choice but to come to the store I work at, Midtown Comics. Me? I was DONE. :sad:

So after all that, I get to CF to find out no CvS2 tourney happened?!!! Fucking LAZY ASS people showing up late?!!! Terrible. Disappointing. God; People complain and complain about the FG scene dying, and talk about how much they wanna see it get better again, but when it’s time for action, everybody bitches out. Another clear example of fgamers being all talk and NO ACTION.:annoy: :tdown:

i can t stop crying :sad:

it took me a while to think that out, albert tat lucky bastard:rofl:

do another tounrey! I’ll go! Shit was mad fun.

Man cvs2 had a lot of people to. Too bad the brackets got fucked up.

Got there late so I had to start in losers but its all good. Good turnout and good to see the casual players at CF actually enter tournament.

why does everyone say cvs2 was cancelled because of black people? for one, i was there at jacob javitzrunning tournaments with tfgm so i couldnt exactly just leave him. so was jeron. none the less, im sad to see that cvs2 tourney got cancelled, i was upset, there were so many good players and it was bigger than 3s.

still, i got to waste money on t5 dr which wasnt so bad, but regardless, o well

That was pretty fun, that’s all I wanted was a challenge PLUS.

The tourney was called off because we had the whole first set of matches run (minus Justin’s match because he was running 3s). So then like 6 people showed up. I understand that Arturo, Sanford, and Jeron were late because of the Javits convention but the amount of people coming at once with one match left just made it too hard to run. We didn’t want to put people in losers for full price and nobody wanted to play anymore, so it was called off.

We had a great turnout (more than 3s) but of many problems complicating the tourney (and the fact that it was going to be late when it was done). We just called it off.

Hopefully the next CvS2 tourney won’t end like this.

Art, I will be sure to blaze up with you next time. I just didn’y wanna be gone when andy was leaving cause he was my ride to pen.

damn video games suck

we need like 8 cabs for cvs2 to run that shit right

Good times. Can’t wait for the next one.

late black people…lol I think thats funny.

Good shit KO Fiend my Yang loses to Chuns too. But hell your fighting Justins Chun. bah

Wadup Art,Flash,Henry,Nibor, hopefully I’ll see u guys in RI.


Arturo is right btw. There were alot of players, locals and out of towners that were there ie: Nestor and VDO and it would have definetly been bigger than 3S.
Nick not for nothing but there was no reason to cancel the tournament altogether.
If it was so much of a problem to put me, Art or Sanford in the bracket you could have just given us the option to play in losers. I got put in losers in 3S for being late regardless of the fact that I was running a tournaments at Jacob Javits.
If you guys didnt want to run CVS2 all you had to do was tell me and Arturo and we would have done it no problem.
I was actually looking foward to it too. This tournament was one in a rare moment where there were alot of good and potential players.

OMG yall had out of state people there and didn’t run it? VDO of all people.

oh well

I think there’s a BIT of confusion.

I don’t really think it was the bracket because IIRC, Mr. Fantastic and Nick C had it planned already. I think the problem was that people started disappearing and it was making the tournament take FOREVER(aside from it being CvS2) The first rounds weren’t finished and it had already taken about an hour and a half.
I may be wrong on the time thing, so take that with a grain of salt. But people started disappearing and slowly, others just gave up.