Ctf Tourney Results

It was a turnout that I didnt expect. I thought it would have been more people, but oh well. Thanks for the CT heads for coming out.

I know top 3 results only but I will put the rest of the results later on.


  1. Justin (Yun)
  2. Flare (Ryu)
  3. Holdat (Ken)


  1. Justin (C groove Vega, Blanka, Sagat)
  2. Tony B (A Groove Vega, Bison, Blanka) (K Groove cammy,vega,sagat)
  3. Nick T (A Groove Vega, Bison, Blanka)


  1. Javier (MSS, Santhrax)
  2. Liston (MSS)
  3. Mike Infinite (Team Row)

Arcana Heart

  1. Arturo (Kamui)
  2. Master Chibi (Fiona)
  3. Noel (Kamui)

Thanks for coming out.

wow, javier and liston

good shit

Javi fuckin AIR

good shit :tup:

big ups to Liston with the unblockable Hk of doom from Sentinel!

I knew Arturo would in with Kamui. The man’s been beastin’ in the game. I wasn’t surprised at all. I just had to witness it. Match vids? Hopefully.

GJ to nobody for coming to this event. we didn’t record an EC response to the duc jr/mike chaos vid because there was literally nobody there people would have recognized besides justin. fucking e-thugs :arazz:

Fuck everyone fucking last one of you fucking playing Kamui.

To hell.


And ever.

You motherfuckers are seriously ruining any fun I get out of this game, I can’t believe how you bitches just run to Kamui like you have no other options.

I’m serious, fuck you guys.


good shit to the ppl that came. damn u mike. lol i will have u next time i will be ready. hey what place did i get in marvel?

Thank you to the out of town cats (and locals) for some fun ST matches!

I think a couple of DDR spectators were using the ancient Jostling of Murderous Intent technique on me. I need to invest in a periscope.

Its getting too easy to make chibi complain these days.

I was fourth in Arcana. >_>

Props to JeRoN for giving me the first good VS match I’ve ever had. Low-tier Lilith for lyfe.

If I didn’t you wouldn’t be playing anymore.

Not that you play much anything seriously anymore.

more people would have made it better…but is was fun nonetheless

Arturo, Chibi and Noel you guys have me lovin Arcana Heart…its like learning a new language though but i’m gonna stick with it.:lovin:

justin and the new Yun tricks…scaaaaary.

Had good time battling with Flare all day too.

good shit fellas

:tup: Good shit F1are. Take that 3S skill up to Toronto for T8 :tup:

good shit LISTON!!!

Good shi’t guys. Mike, Liston, as expected from you guys. Nice one for Javier for pulling through. I got fucked up big time this tourney. It wasen’t my day. To think, I got taken out by Phil in losers who desn’t even play marvel anymore! Haha, good shi’t DSP, you owned me. I saw the camera crew, but no retaliation vid?

Go Flare!

Good matches, everyone.
Thanks Mike for letting me enter the tourney a bit late…
And Lincoln & I will hit up your new crib soon for some marvel…


=/ i wish i woulda stayed to 1 hit kill people

Someone’s been telling me I shouldn’t be losing to generic shit. Is this true? :frowning: