Ctf Tourney

3S = 15 PPL

  1. JWong
  2. Kevin
  3. Albert.

ST = ???

  1. JWong
  2. David Doyle
  3. ???

CVS2 = ??

  1. JWong
  2. Sai
  3. Min

Arcana = ???

  1. Arturo
  2. Ken
  3. Andre

Joe from long island lost to kevin and albert.
random oro named chino beat tinshi oro
david doyle resets me in ST!!!
Arturo owns everyone free in arcana
Arcana gets no hype. 3S is more hype.

Thanks for everyone coming and hope to see everyone at the next tourney


Arcana tourney was too good, but as usual Shinto doesnt show up

I got 4th. :frowning:

comme a

BTW, Justin, Dave D was using this trick yesterday.

damn, nice video, shit is sick

wow, that’s a dirty trick lol

Oro is popular now, I don’t feel special anymore.

Switching back to Q!

gg’s to everyone i played even though i suck on American sticks. Major shoutout to everyone from long island, lava heart and joe you guys are beasts!

That’s what I heard there.

The 3s tourney was fun. There were great matches and I enjoyed it.

How many players did Arcana Heart draw?

Shout out to : Min,JWong,and Arturo for holdin it down !!! To all the other fighters too…

-D R B

A grand total of 11. Sucks, I know.

It’s all about the slow build.

haha random oro is the coolest guy ever

ggs everyone, also justin could you make your reaction speed a tiny bit worse for next time? i like dashing ok

My bad i couldn’t show up Justin. I will next time.

wake up call :looney: i’ll try and not be free wins now
sucks that there was no marvel.

I Will Win Next Time Justin Wong!

justin dont u get tired of winning lol nice job n dave n nohoho gj in st