CTF, week before evolution

Since evo is upon us, and I wont be in NY until the Sunday before it, I was wondering, would anybody be around CTF monday @ around 5pm?

I ask, because I’m going to be buying a dreamcast from Steve F. there at this time. So if anybody wants to show up and play some games, i’m down.

That’s Monday, August 20th for those who are living under a rock and don’t know when evolution is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there


Well, we got one person coming… man, nobody in NYC, huh?

my friend arthurt’s supposed to be coming.

I can bring like 3 people with me

CF regulars do not visit SRK much, especially the Atlantic North threads. :xeye:

I think you guys all play 3s (?) but I wanted to warn ST players that the situation is not so hot at ctf. The machine resets on its own and it seems to be unfixable. Also they put in a punching game way too close to the machine. It’s dangerous to be on the 2 player side.

that’s lame
i play mvc2, 3s, and super turbo

i think i should warn you all that CF sucks period. buttons never replaced, joysticks never replaced, place still overcrowded all the time and smells like an armpit. that place went the way of the dinosaur years ago. unless you’re looking to just hang out with some cool people from the NYC area, i wouldn’t bother trying to go there for “practice.”

Unless you play superior arcana heart. :looney:

I know what you’re saying, I’ve been there, many, many times and I do know the state of the sticks and buttons. However, there aren’t many more arcades left to go to in NYC, are there? I would expect if more people came and asked him to fix the shit, eventually he would do it.
Anyway, if you read the first post, we’re not coming for “practice” I was going to meet Mixah to sell him my DC so I figured why not have matches while we are there.

Yeah, their ST machine has been shutting itself off and all kinds of bad for a while now. It’s a shame, ST is one of my favorite games, too…

The sticks are alright for games not CvS2. Those are the worst sticks ever. The spring is too tight and you can barely move properly. I guess I’m just too used to Sanwa parts. The sticks on ST are very responsive. Nohoho and I have gotten some good matches in on that ST cab. Too bad it’s done for. :sad:

Where will we go, Nohoho?!

Yeah i know i go there a lot but I’m going there to get some matches with people from srk. I’m not even going to evo world (Too broke :sad:)

cvs2 player 1 side is kinda wack imo

otherwise the arcade is pretty okay

Instead of CTF? I’m thinking… OTB!

It’s about time I quit playing fighting games anyway. I think betting on the ponies would be a much better hobby. There’s a betting center right around the corner from Chinatown Fair and you can tell by looking at the guys hanging around there that it’s a lucrative and enjoyable pastime.

OTB, week before evolution
Who’s with me?!

No but seriously I’m just going to nag Henry some more. It’s gotta be, what, a loose wire or something to do with the power supply? Sticks and buttons are all fine. I’m thinking of running a pre-cc st tourney the week before the jersey event so people can warm up on arcade.

i’m about to quit fighters, aka why i’m actually going to evolution. i might not even be interested next year

co-sign CF sucking.

I’ve been in NYC for the past week, and the thought of going to CF hasn’t even crossed my mind. I’ve been through Chinatown like 3 times too, just don’t bother turning down Mott.

Good, don’t even bother.

It’s NYC, fuck CF.

Makes me wish I lived near Philly.