CTF Weekly SSF4 results(9/9/10)

SSF4 Single Elim - Character Lock

1st- Chris Hu (Ryu)
2nd- Megaman Steve (Akuma)

Mike Infinite (Juri)
KZY (Viper)

Liston (Sagat)
Frankie (Viper)
Aqua Silk (Geif)
Ken (Fuerte)

Poem (Balrog)
Tony (Balrog)
James (Rufus)
Bisonopolis (Bison)
Manny (Fuerte)
Lee (Guile)
Noel fuckin Brown(Vega)
Auto-Demon (Akuma)

Good shit Mike I see you’re getting the tournament scene active again. I might show up to a few of these if it’s really going to be weekly.

good shit mike, thanks for organizing. and GGs all.

Good shit on having a tournament that actually starts on time. I showed up at like 8:50 thinking it as all good until i find out that it already started 20 mins ago. Deff be making it on time next time.

I was suprised you all showed, I thought yall were holding a session at gamepad

there was like 4 ppl haha. megamansteve taking one for america again