Cthulhu and Activation Button Light Up

Okay, did some searching and could not come across the information I was looking for.

I currently have a PS3 stick wired with a Cthulhu board by Toodles. I have been planning to add the button light up mod since it was a PS2 stick, but never got the time or patience to do so, but now that it is wired up for PS3 it is only lacking art and the lights to be complete so I figured to try to get at least the button light up done tomorrow and Saturday.

I can not find any of my 3 battery pack case things anywhere, but then I thought, it is a PS3 stick, with USB out only, and into powered USBs, so is there any way for me to simply tie the button light up mod into the voltage and the ground of the Cthulhu board? I was only plannign to run 1.5 or 3v to the LEDs, they are ridiculously bright either way, and will be adding resistors to it corresponding to the light up mods instructions.

My main question is can I safely tie into the power of the PCB, or is that a risk of frying the PCB? What would be the process if I do decide to go this route? Or would it simply be attach power attach ground.


Example of result, see The Bear link in my sig. =D

It is simply attaching the power (+5v line from the Cthulu) to the power pin for the IC chip, and the ground to the ground pin. Signal from the button goes to the Vinput and the resistor/led goes into the Voutput of each set on the IC. There is a schematic detailing it specifically for a board with +5V and common ground (Cthulu) in TingBoy’s thread. It is safe, hell I even powered up 2 LEDs per button using one 220ohm resistor per 2 LEDs and my board hasn’t fried yet. I’m pretty sure some wires shorted each other too because my buttons would go off randomly before I rewired it/heatshrinked all the connections (and now it works perfectly fine and reliably).

Okay ShinJN, I didn’t notice you did it that way, I even based my wiring off of yours, cleanest job I have seen in any stick, props to you for that.

I plan on using only one LED per button, with the clear Seis they take the light of these bright ones pretty well. Also, is there a particular reason nobody runs the resistors before entering the IC chip, I was thinking about it with a friend, and that would allow you to not need 6 or 8 resistors and you would only need 1 or two, depending.