Cthulhu multi-console PCB with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit and cheaper options?


I have a PS3 TE stick and recently upgraded my hardware just to find out the new one doesn’t support the arcade stick. Bought a cheap via chipset card but drivers for that thing only support win xp. So I was thinking of getting a pcb but couldn’t find this info anywhere. Tried asking on the official product page but they dodged my q- will the Cthulhu pcb work with win 8.1 pro 64 bit?

and also, do I have any other cheaper options? My cousin stays in NY and i’ll be getting the stuff (pcb or any other cheaper option) shipped there


Don’t know about Windows 8 compatibility with either board (I have Win 7), but if all you want is PC/PS3/PS2, you could get a Zero Delay encoder from ebay, usually $20 shipped with all wiring included.


What consoles do you want it working on?


Just the PC, not even PS3 anymore


I’ll look into the zero delay encoder, thanks man. But if it’s not a problem, could you tell me what’s it about and will it take soldering to get things running?


It’s plug and play, no soldering needed. The most work I had to do with mine was re-pin the 5 pin harness, which doesn’t require soldering , crimping, or anything beyond pushing out pins and re-arranging them. Just make sure you get the right connector type for your controls (.110" connectors for Japanese controls, .187" for American style controls).


They have PC only ZD boards that are even cheaper.


I have two of those PC only ZD and they don’t work with W7 64-Bits… the device appears as Generic USB Joystick, but I can’t get any emulator or proper PC game to recognize it.


Sorry for being a noob at this but will it surely work with pc (win 8 )?

And by Japanese controls you mean just the six buttons with no fourth button for all the three together or am I missing something?


japanese buttons use .110" connection tabs, US/Euro parts use .187" connection tabs. There are some exceptions, but generally speaking that is the rule of thumb.


I would assume so, but I can’t guarantee it.


Well is there something to make it just X360/Xone compatible as that will surely work with Win 8?

Edit: Just tried plugging my 360 controller with my PC and it works perfectly! So if I can find a pcb which only works with even 360 and fits into my TE, I will be good to go