Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board vs madcats



I am planning to build or buy an arcade stick, people recommended i use Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board if I am going to build one
or go with street fighter TE arcade stick
My question is, is the performance on both the same or is it better to go with street fighter TE and mod Sanwa parts into it



Chutulu is 100x better.


can you explain how its better please
I am new at this


if you plan on building a stick from scratch for pc & ps3. you can use:

a sixaxis ps3 controller pcb or a cthulhu board

if you want it for ps3 only i would go with sixaxis for wireless goodness:bgrin:
*but, this doesn’t work to good with pc. for me anyways, i have to install a driver everytime i want to use mine. *:tdown:

As for the Cthulhu i don’t have one i’m pretty sure Toodles made it plug N play or a easy setup, he even has a board for multiple consoles

And the TE stick already has Sanwa parts so it’s good to go out of the box :razz:


For PlayStation 3 usage, it really depends on what kind of PS3 you own. If you own any model that is backwards compatible (meaning you can play PlayStation 2 games on your console), it’s a much smarter idea to use Toodles’ Cthulu board.

The biggest reason is that Mad Catz’s PCB inside of their FightSticks (both Standard and Tournament Editions) and even their FightPad are coded in such a way that they work only for PlayStation 3 games and not for anything backwards compatible. That is to say they act more like standard USB HID devices rather than an actual PS3 controller. Toodles’ Cthulu board I believe emulates the data signal of the Virtua Stick High Grade meaning that it is actually read as a licensed PS3 controller by the PS3. I won’t lie; I don’t know the technicalities behind the coding, and Toodles would probably bang his head against the wall if he saw my post. But, what is true is this:

If you want a stick exclusively for the PS3 that will at the same time allow you to play backwards compatible PS2 games, get a Cthulu board inside of a custom stick.

If you want a stick that just simply works for all the latest PS3 fighters and either don’t have or don’t care about backwards compatibility, get a Mad Catz PS3 FightStick.


I plan to play melty blood on the PC as well as street fighter on PS3, blazblue and some others
I guess I will make my own arcade stick, lets hope this PCB is as good as everyone says :wgrin:


im curious im in the middle of tying to get a fight stick that will work with both ps3/xb360… and ive heard that the xb360 sf tourney stick is easier to mod than the ps3 version… whats the price difference in the mod


cthulu is easier to work with/hack and is also made for dual modding systems. so owning a 360 TE/SE and adding cthulu is better/easier than ps3 SE/TE adding 360 madcatz.


If you have any ability to do so, build your own stick. The only things Cthulhu doesn’t have really is turbo and LS RS DP selector and R3/L3 (which Madcatz doesn’t have either but HRAP does). Cthulhu is better in every other respect, and the multi-console version works on everything short of 360 and DC.