Cthulhu pcb compatibility


Do any of you guys know if the Cthulu multi console PCB is compatible with ps4? I know it isn’t listed on focus attack (as of today), but I wasn’t sure if anyone has tried and just want to future proof myself.


It isn’t and probably never will be.


No dude.


PS4 controllers has a additional security chip which the Cthulhu lacks.


I’ll probably just spend the extra on the ps360+ they’re beta testing ps4 compatibility and it’s firmware is upgradable.


There’s no guarantee on future proof. I wouldn’t buy anything outright right now unless it says it works on PS4 out of the box. That includes the PS360+. If I were you I would simply wait or buy yourself an HRAP4 to which you could use or gut the PCB for your setup.


Even if the PS360+ were to be compatible with the PS4, I would bet that Sony would release a system update patching out the PS360+ compatibility in a month or two.


it depends on how the lock out works and how the PS360+ emulates a PS4 controller.

Other than the Lockout/security chip the PS4 Dual Shock 4 game pad is a HID class device.
The security chip initiates/allows for the initial handshake between the controller and system and perhaps the chip gets regularly polled by the system to confirm it still there or not.

My one big beef is how PS360+ team announced possible PS4 compatibility before their team was in Beta Development.
Akishop pretty much made a promise to the whole FCG that they might not be able to deliver on.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen so that’s why I decided to import the HRAPV4. Also had the PS360+ fail on me and decided to replace it with the MC Cthulhu since I got rid of my Xbox 360 a week ago.


Aki also got people’s hopes up for PS4 compatibility and aren’t currently making any boards. Not exactly sure what to think about that.


According to Aki’s website the ps4 beta testing for the PS360+ is going well. I know that a patch from Sony can mess it all up, but hopefully that won’t happen.