Cthulhu (PS3) recognized as Virtua Stick High Grade?

Hey guys, I just got my Cthulhu (PS3) and wired it up to my stick. I got a 2 PCB setup, but the thing is they only take the same info from the components (as in signal -> barrier strip -> ps1 pcb + Chtulhu (the wires touch only at the barrier strip, no other connection between the pcbs) and it works fine. The thing is that my Cthulhu was first recognized as Cthulhu when I plugged it in while it was unwired and now its not - is that neccesarily a bad thing and will it affect PS3 compatibility (I’m going to a friends with a PS3 tomorrow to play SF4 with my stick)?

I’m sorry for making a new thread about it because I know that I’ve seen the topic somewhere before but with search disabled I really don’t want to search through a +30 page Cthulhu thread and the rest of Tech Talk.

Best regards and thanks in advance,