Cthulhu + RJ45 + 360 + Norris, advice?

Hey, I’m not really sure which thread this post might belong in, as it seems to touch on just about everything all at once, so I decided to make a new thread…

I’ve been looking into a custom stick for quite some time now, trying to come up with a way to integrate everything (MC Cthulhu, X360) into one stick in the cleanest way possible.

Then I stumbled upon the RJ45 idea posted by acceptablerisk. The implementation is just perfect, I love it. However, I got to thinking about it and realized: How am I going to integrate a 360 pad into this? I may be totally thinking about this wrong, but if I piggyback the 360 pad with the Cthulhu, I cannot take advantage of the RJ45 connection method because I wouldn’t have a(n easy) way to switch between PS3/360 (Usually a DPDT switch).

Or perhaps I’m thinking about this all wrong? Any ideas?

I believe you can solder the 360 pcb into the Cthulhu. I don’t have one yet but I’ve been reading up on the Cthulu board for when I get one.

Take a look at this thread:

It’s the design phase of a small board that’ll allow you to set up two usb pcbs with only one cord and no dpdt switch. It boots one system if a certain button (generally Guide/Home) is held down when it’s plugged in, and the other if it’s not.

Hmm. While that does look awesome, it’s not exactly what I’m getting after. I’m starting to think this way may not be possible

It should work fine to run the output of the imp to the RJ45 like you would’ve with the Cthulhu, wire the Cthulhu to the primary input, and then just wire the 360 pcb to the secondary connection, so that you have to hold a button when plugging it in to make it boot 360. That way, your usb cable would work for either the 360 or the Cthulu. The Imp board just acts as way to switch what device will have access to the usb without needing a DPDT switch.