Cthulu MC PCB + Raphnet Dreamcast USB

Hey all. Can anyone tell me if the Cthulu MC PCB USB port will recognize the Raphnet Dreamcast USB cable and function plug and play?

That’s kinda of specific. Are you using the Dreamcast Cord from the MC Cthulhu to the PC via a Raphnet adapter?

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The specs are MC Cthulu to Neutrik port via USB, then a custom Raphnet USB cable to Dreamcast. I’m linking the part:
Raphnet Dreamcast USB

That adapter is to plug a dreamcast controller to the pc, not the other way around. You need a Nuetrik RJ45 jack and solder one end of a CAT 5e Ethernet cable to your MC Cthulhu, plug the connector from your CAT 5e to your Nuetrik RJ45, then make a cord with a dreamcast extension cable to to plug into the other side of your RJ45 Jack. The only thing you get from the MC Cthulhu usb is PS3 and PC.

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Thanks, wikid, I vaguely remembered reading the MC Cthulu’s USB output was PS3 and PC only, but I wanted to confirm.

This link helped me setup my MC Cthulhu:

There is a link in the post with pictures from Photobucket that you can look at and peice together with the post.

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That is very helpful, thank you again, wikid

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Need anymore help feel free to ask

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So I got an rj45 neutrik port and rj45 Dreamcast cable. Just gotta cut a length of rj45 and solder to the MC Cthulu and we should be in business! I’ll let you know how it comes out if you’re curious. The stick is worthy, it’s a Byrdo!