Ctiofbrass crack session Wednesday 5/19/10 @6pm


just type my name on youtube ill make a playlist later


If you want more hype i suggest posting in tourney results if u can. I dont think the mods will mind since its top EC players beasting


I want some crack…:crybaby:


Where’s the location??

I haven’t played shit since Nov. :frowning:


Either out in Queens or Long Island.


Where in Queens? :shy:


ok can someone help with any of this stuff so we can get a proper session?

  1. more/another/better capture card. hopefully an hd supported one

  2. an exel or whatever spread sheet of a 20 x 20 round robin sheet
    more places that is able to host

3.someone that can pm me a better post than what i have up top ( ill give you the credit np)

either any of those, some kind of inovation towards the session for the community, or atleast asking how can you help or youll be put in the back burner

so pm me ur name, nick and number and let me know what you can do to help out our community


Andy, I can hook up an organized post and we can use Josh’s (Zidane) laptop to record matches for the next gathering.
I just need a list of all the players who’ve played with us and those who are interested in playing with us.


ok thx. ill give you the names but it dont have to be pre printed just some kind of spead sheet so that i dont have to look for a ruler and make lines for a while. 20 max i guess

thx again


Citiofbrass “Crack session”

First i want to say thanks to Mike for having us over, it was a great set up. I think we need to get together like that more often so players in Newyork can get better. I just started playing the game but i saw alot of people with potential to be really good. In the mean while i will train hard in order to start competing. Rashaan and Joe i just want to say good shit, i saw a lot of impressive stuff. There was alot of other good stuff but i cant remember names. Anyway lets do it again.



Yea I was looking online and I saw some RR sheets that we may be able to use. I started making an excel sheet based on that today.


great thx. ill also keep in mind to set it up earlier as well


Man we need to do some shit like this in D.C. Man them vids you had up are straight crack good show.


Told you, Andy!!:arazz::wink:


lol… ok ok ur right lol

this sunday guys make sure to check ur msgs to know where its gionna be at


sunday is easter though.


yea so well do it for early weekday then… your right


Me, coming from NJ, how much of a trek do you think this will be for me. I usually start of at Port Authority, so how I get to these sessions from there?


yo wassup guys. hey anyone know what happened to port authority leisure time? Is it an upgraded bar/lounge now? I haven’t been there in like 3 years…


It’s no longer what it used to be, man. RIP Port Authority:sad:


yo jason this is andy pm me ur number