CTRUS Re-invented Football/Soccer Ball

Design Clip - [media=vimeo]9552765[/media]
In use (not sure if this is CGI or they actually used it during a game, looks real) - [media=youtube]2Aaw7tGE_hM[/media]

Unlikely to appear in the world cup since FIFA seem to hate any sort of technical aid for referees.:looney:

Thats a really neat idea. Shame it won’t be picked up for official use, but heres hoping.

Now if they could make a lie detector chip to reduce the number of fake injuries…

This is really really neat but I would not feel comfortable kicking that kind of technology

I think they prefer traditional methods and the reliance on the ref’s final decision, not technology.

Also, this would make it harder to fix games. Yes, it happens.

That’s incredibly awesome looking. Saving the video for when I’m out of class and can turn my sound on.

Yeah they couldn’t just make it functional, they also had to design it to accurately resemble FUTURE. Its coolness is visually irrefutable.