Cuba And USA Resume Diplomatic Relations

Keep in mind when they say you’re being served rabbit: there are no rabbits on Cuba. Plenty cats and dogs, though. Don’t see why they would eat such noble creatures instead of…idunno, FISH, which are plentiful there.

Hype. Time to go to Cuba and spread my seed to the point every child in cuba is my descendant

Maybe its just cause it was forbidden before but I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba so this is pretty cool. Do Cubans make good cigarettes too?

Man, I hope the embargo lifts soon. I’ve had the opportunity to smoke some authentic Cuban cigars a few times in my life and they really are that good.

Is it true 80% of Cuban women are hookers?



Embargo shouldn’t even be there since day 1.
So cuz Castro badmouths or dislikes America America thinks its ok to try a worldwide trade blockade of a country?
So what if Castro doesn’t like America? Neither do I. Neither does most people on planet earth.
Its one thing for the U.S. to say "Ok. You don’t like us. So we wont do business with you."
Its another thing to go “Hey! You don’t like us?!?! Well, well then we’ll stop trading with you! Aaaaaaaand I’m gonna get all my friends(allies) to stop trading with you too!!! Isnt that right my friends and allies?” America shakes threatening fist to allies “Right you’ll do as I say?” shakes threatening fist towards allies once again.
Allies fearfully reply back “Y-y-yessum Massa sir, yessum.”


Wow, this is huge news. Never would’ve expected this, but this is great. I’m sure a lot of Cubans in America are really happy about this.

Hahaa. Nope. Most of them seem pretty outraged.

We should use the embargo as leverage to get more freedom to the Cuban people or else we will be complicit in further strangling it by strengthening the Castro regime.


Are you kidding?
Do you really think there’s no economic embargo imposed by the U.S.A? And that that embargo doesn’t deter other countries from doing business with Cuba?
Are you stupid or something?
Look at news video of Cubans before the Soviet Union fell. Then look at video of Cubans soon after the fall of the Soviet Union.
Notice how they were extremely thin. Dare i say starving.
Do you really think they would’ve gotten that thin and unhealthy looking if there wasn’t a essentially worldwide economic embargo due to the U.S.'s influence on its allies not to trade with Cuba?


You wanna know why Castro has and will always bad mouth and hate the U.S.?
here’s why jackass.

Trust me motherfucker…this clause wasn’t in the Cuban Constitution because the Cubans wanted it in there. Trust me. (-_-)
That’s why Castro hates America.
Cause he resents the fact America since they first showed up to Cuba have always been trying to interfere with Cuba’s politics and its sovereignty. First.
Second, when the Batista dictatorship occurred…America did nothing to stop it. Not only did America not protest it, they completely went along with it and supported it till its last day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I personally hate Castro. And I also think he is a monumental traitor. A traitor because he promised the Cuban people that he would revive the Cuban democratic constitution once he won the war and gain power. But he didn’t. On the contrary.
but the one thing I do like about the guy is that he has no fear of America.
And all he really says to America is "mind your fucking business and stop trying to constantly interfere with other nation’s politics."
Which is something America foreign policy needs to learn. like yesterday.
If you expect someone like America’s lapdog Tony Blair…who did nothing but brown nose and ass kiss America every chance he got like a good uncle tom…look elsewhere.

The worst thing for Cuba, are Cuban Americans.
Cuz Cuban Americans are fucking stupid as rocks.

I don’t know much. But I do know one thing, and that’s people.
No one likes being told what to do by a foreigner.
The only thing the Cubans in Cuba hate more than the Castro/Communist regime…is the American government.

Would you like it if I walked into your house and started ordering you to move your furniture around to appease my decorative tastes and how your household should be run???
Then why the fuck…would you think…that the Cubans in Cuba…don’t mind the American government threatening them to “Run your country like I say it should be run or else” motherfucker?

Nothing about an embargo works. It only makes people that much more resilient, stubborn about their ways, and resolute about their convictions.
if they weren’t communists before, telling them “become democratic or else” really makes them even more hardened communists.
Sometimes I think the Americans would’ve lifted their embargo loooooooooooooong ago if it wasn’t for the fear of losing Cuban American voters due to Cuban Americans being retardedly adamant about having embargos on Cuba.

Cuban Americans are like THE dumbest motherfuckers I know.
Don’t even get me started on the whole Elian Gonzalez fiasco that made all you look that much dumber.
i’ll say this only once.
A child’s parent is their legal guardian.
Elian’s father said, "I want my son."
Therefore morons, you give him his son!
You don’t argue with the guy and say “No cuz we don’t like it where you live.”
Fuck you. Dumbasses. smh.

imagine if your kid is in England, Tibet, wherever, but lets say Tibetans in this case scenario…and you say…“hey, my child is in Tibet, I want my child, and I have the right to have my child since I’m their parent and therefore their legal guardian.” And instead a bunch of Tibetans say “Nope. Cuz we don’t like where you happen to live. Since you live in Louisiana U.S.A, and we disagree with Louisiana’s state government. So no. You cant have your child.”

That’s fuckin Cuban Americans.

if you really want communism to end in Cuba, then do the total opposite of an embargo. Do what you did with the soviet union. One of the major reasons why the Soviet Union fell when it did was the Reagan-Gorbachev summits where Perestroika/Glasnost took form.
That opening up of trade, commerce, and most importantly communication between the Soviet Union and the Western nations is what ended communism.
Once the Russians got a taste of American standards of living, once they saw American tv shows and commercials showing moms shopping for countless varieties of bread and other goods, the Russians where like “Wait? WTF? Americans can go to a supermarket, and pick among a countless assortment of bread??? Then why the fuck are we all standing on long ass lines in the freezing Siberian cold for hours on end for a sole single choice of stale hard tasteless bread??? Fuck communism! We are going Democratic!”
Perestroika brought the Soviet Union down. Better said, the opening up of the Soviet Union regarding the Union mistakenly allowing American & western nation commercials, tv shows, and other media and the citizens of the Union realizing how much better capitalism is compared to what they had woke them up to bring about change. Namely the change of communism to democratic.
So…if you really want communism to end in cuba, don’t put up walls between yourself and cuba. on the contrary, do everything possible to increase trade, commerce, and most importantly of all, media, entertainment, and communication between the U.S. and Cuba.

in other words, use your brains.
just sayin.

Anybody that knows anything about U.S. intervention in the Caribbean understands that the initial hostilities were started by Washington. The U.S. backed many repressive dictatorships throughout Latin America such as Alfredo Stroessner (Paraguay), Batista (of Cuba) Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic), The Somoza Family dicatorship (Nicaragua), the slew of military dictatorships that followed the overthrow of the democratically elected president, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, The Duvaliers in Haiti, Barrientos in Bolivia…I mean the list is endless of U.S. support for right-wing military dictatorships in the region.

Keep in mind that from 1916-1924 the U.S. had directly OCCUPIED the Dominican Republic and literally put into place the infrastructure that allowed a disgusting tyrant like Rafael Trujillo to rise through the National Police and become a lapdog of Washington.
Latin America has a long history of combating U.S. political and economic hegemony and that is essentially rooted in fighting the Monroe Doctrine and similar policies (such as abolishing slavery in Haiti by Toussaint L’ Overture and setting up the first black republic in history in the late 18th century)

On the matter of Cuba…The U.S. had directly funded right-wing rich (predominantly white) elites from Miami in the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. Why wouldn’t Cuba take the Soviets offer of placing a missile in their turf? When you had a slew of examples of U.S. antagonism against the sovereignty of Cuba? Especially when you consider the history of the Platt Amendment which essentially made Cuba an unofficial U.S. colony.

People who don’t read about Latin America don’t really understand how effective the embargo has been on the Cuban economy. It doesn’t merely affect U.S. trade, but historically, nations or corporations that have entered the Cuban market have largely received some form of social reaction from the U.S. for trading with Cuba. It has affected not only infrastructural development but Cuban’s access to basic necessities.

Just to back up your statement:

Cuban Americans are drastically different politically from Cubans on the island. Also its important to note that Cubans in Florida tend to come from a higher income bracket than

Just goes to show you that because someone is from a specific country doesn’t mean that they comprehend the complexity of said place. I’m Dominican, born and raised in the United States and I can honestly say that I know more about the Dominican Republic’s political, social and economic history than most people that recently arrived from the island.

Edit: Mistake.

I hope USA someway conquers Cuba and rules over it, just like Puerto Rico (they seem to be having a good time), it’s what most people from Cuba want and I think it would be the safest for us in case of a new world war.

PR is in a bigger economic shit hole than a lot of places. On top of that, we’ve been dealing with a severe drug issue for a long time and because of US policies that carry over to Puerto Rico, we can’t deal with it in a way that makes sense. All things considered most of the issues with the island have little to do with its status as a commonwealth and more to do with how terribly inept the government there is.

There’s no need to try and take over a country for the sake of it. If its people don’t want you there, just leave them the fuck alone.