Cuba And USA Resume Diplomatic Relations

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It is odd because those namecallcusswords make you sound really confident, and with your indignant, aggressive ‘conversationalist’ tone you must really know what youre talking about.
By the other side of the same coin it is true that Cubans love their country, but the only thing they love more is American-style freedom.

Well America really doesnt do that in Today’s Cuba. That is kind of the point of the thread. Even if they did it would be dwarved by the oppression that the Castro regime had in place. Hmmm, I wonder why Cuban streets are full of 1950s autos? I wonder why US coast full of cubanofugee boatrafts

I hope you enjoyed your comfy Hotel stay as the Cuban people are forced to stay in their particular allotted apts/domiciles via govt mandate unable to sell/move, as your tourism $s are used to further disengage them from even their most basic god given rights.

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cuba actually has insanely low levels of AIDS. It’s hard to buy drugs there, too.

If ur caught with either, ur in prison for life.

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You go to prison if you have AIDS? What.

Pretty much. They isolate u from everybody else. It’s a tiny Island, AIDS would decimate it.

When AIDS first became public, Cuba destroyed all foreign blood.

Wow, so after all these years Obama has finally [started] doing something progressive. Embargo was a Cold War policy that should have ended over 20 years ago. It doesn’t take a lot of reading to see that crippling a nation’s economy tends to make its government MORE autocratic. Likewise placing an embargo on Cuba but not on say, North Korea or Saudi Arabia? Sigh…

Also credit where credit is due, the Cuban government managed to reduce infant mortality rates and boost literacy to the best in the region, all while under the embargo.

Despite the regime being a Communist government and having one family in control of everything, they’ve been pretty progressive in some areas, and failing in some.

They’re the only communist nation that declared itself to not be officially atheist despite maintaining its secular status, which allows Cubans to practice whatever religion they choose without reprisal from the government. China, despite loosening restrictions under Xi Jinping still has not made these steps, and don’t really show signs of doing so: You must renounce any religion to be a member of the CCP, anybody caught proselytizing to Han Chinese that aren’t the same, or anyone caught proselytizing to Tibetans or Uyghyurs are punished.

They have abundance in medical professionals despite having a lack of necessary medical treatments. Hopefully the eventual lift of the embargo does something for that.

Raul Castro made promises that he would begin to loosen restrictions on personal freedoms in Cuba, and he has been making good on that. Now, despite being expensive, Cubans can travel abroad just by having a passport, without having to have an exit permit.

However, they are still low on freedom of press, they have the second most jailed journalists behind China, and I’ve heard their penal code and prison system is still very harsh.

But there are steps in the right direction. It’s about time the US is finally realizing that.

Gotta remember that part of the reason Cuba joined the communist bloc was that the US at the time spurned the then fledgling new government. Castro even stated back in 1959 “I know what the world thinks of us, we are Communists, and of course I have said very clearly that we are not Communists; very clearly.”

The US was even initially willing to recognize them, but of course the commie hunters decided that Cuba was communist and that they would be the start of communist revolutions throughout the world. The decision then to not recognize Cuba is, ironically, what pushed Cuba towards the communist bloc in the first place.

Then again, the US made some pretty stupid decisions back in those days in the name of defending democracy. Lord knows that my own country still bears the scars from that era.

Please read up on how countries manipulate infant mortality rates because of the importance the WHO puts on the figure. Even the most progressive Euro nations as policy puts restrictions on what is considered a ‘live’ birth (this is open knowledge). Cuba does this and more, as reports indicate forced abortions on any fetuses described as having any abnormality. The program is guided by Cuban Health Ministry production quotas for decreasing infant mortality rates. The Ministry has similar programs for other self-reported health care metrics, however the infant mortality program is apparently a very treasured/guarded subject by the govt.

hahaa. Also read up on our embargo regarding N. Korea and the amount of oil the Saudi’s control.

OK if Marco Rubio claims that lifting the embargo is a bad idea than its safe to assume the exact opposite is true. That man is dumber than a bag of rocks SMH.

america and cuba getting together around the same time that NK and russia are stating to talk? Hmmmmmm…



^ If Cuba gets saddled with the US, they are going to get bodied.

That’s actually not what I said at all, but OK.

  1. This is because Cuba hitched their wagon to the USSR, and the USSR collapsed. It’s a bit of a stretch to blame the embargo alone, since it had been going on for 30 years at that point.
  2. But if you want to go that route; Cuba is a communist country. That’s been changing very recently over the last few years, but because the economy of Cuba is centrally-run, one could certainly make the argument that an especially large portion of the blame for poverty in Cuba would be its own government.

So Castro is obviously the one to blame, right? And Batista was a great guy?

So while I certainly would agree that Cuba would would have been in a better economic situation without the embargo (who could disagree), blaming the situation it did end up in on the embargo itself seems fairly myopic. They could also have been, you know, less communist, and have allowed more foreign business and investment, etc.

Oh, all of his reasons are perfectly good and noble? What a coincidence, why didn’t you just say so??!?! Thanks for clearing that up. I’m sure it had nothing to do with Communism or trying to consolidate power after having taken over Cuba.

What’s that, you say? America was doing everything based on being greedy and wanting power, and was perfectly bad and ignoble? Seems a bit simplistic, but clearly given how objective and rational you seem, I can’t find any holes in your logic.

You tell 'em!

The Bay of Pigs and other overthrow/assassination plots against Castro certainly explain why he would allow (or possibly ask) the USSR to house nuclear missiles in Cuba. But the consequences of him doing so are also very understandable. The US was certainly antagonistic towards Cuba (though your example is from the early 1900s and the US recognized Castro’s Cuba as legitimate very quickly after he took power). But if Castro’s solution was to be antagonistic towards the US, it wasn’t much of a solution in the long term.

Bay of Pigs etc happened AFTER Castro started getting cozy with the Soviet Union, who the US was openly at war with, one which threatened to destroy large sections of the entire planet. (USSR was also supplying them with weapons BTW) It also happened AFTER Castro came into power and seized billions of dollars of land and property held by American companies in Cuba. So “why wouldn’t Cuba take the Soviets’ offer”? Maybe if you could have given Castro a glance into the What If machine and showed him what actually happened after he did, he could come up with a pretty good explanation for you.

Castro was a communist from way back, to hear him tell it- he may have said that the 7/26 movement wasn’t a strictly a communist movement, but that ended when Batista was overthrown (and was already something else by then, just by force of evolution). He didn’t fully announce his formal communist/socialist designation until his relationship from the US went from being OK to terrible to super terrible, but…put it this way, I don’t think he’s faking it now, just to stick it to us. And I don’t think he was on the fence for his whole life, and just decided to become a communist at 36 years old.

This is from a speech soon after he took office and after his relationship with the US had already soured but…sounds pretty plausible to me. It would seem more likely he’d avoided saying it because his relationship with America wasn’t always bad (in fact, he was much-admired in the States at one point), and America hated communists and so the politics of dealing with them politically was…complicated. And/or, because hadn’t always agreed with Cuba’s “official” communist faction during the revolution and didn’t see himself as being one of them.

Which isn’t to say he couldn’t have been pushed further in that direction, but it wasn’t the only factor by a long shot.

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To lift the embargo requires Congress’s consent, which is about as likely as pigs flying and France winning the World Series.

money and lobbying makes those corrupt fuckers do some work, and you better believe companies will be clamoring to be the first ones to send their products their, or to start tourist resorts there (or buy the current ones)