Cultivating defense?


Mostly in regards to Ultra, I need some general advice on building a more solid defense. My biggest weaknesses lie in my inability to adequately defend against pressure/mix-ups, DPing more than I probably should, and being free to tick throws.

Any tips on how I can start cultivating a stronger defense? I play Guy, if that is at all important, but I’d like to apply this question to any fighter, really.


Guy is an offensively based character with lesser defensive options by nature, so it’s understandable that you would feel uncomfortable while being pressured because his tools are not designed to be at a disadvantage in those situations. Options you have at that point are intrinsically risky.

The old adage is: if you don’t have options to deal with a situation, don’t allow yourself to get into that situation. Which is of course easier said than done, and what makes fighting games interesting.

First place you need to improve is controlling the neutral situation and then pressing your advantage safely. This method of thinking is covered in the Maj footsies tutorials. Ergo, the best solution is to not get into that situation. This is not a throw away thing, this is what controlling the neutral means. Sometimes with Guy that means using mobility to reset the positioning via movement.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, be patient. Wait for an opening or mistake. Look for an over commitment to a string and know how to punish generally, and then specifically for harder match ups.

Tick throws in SFIV are pretty easy to recognize and react to because of crouch teching. Sometimes you’ll need to eat a couple throws to recognize the other player’s tendencies. Throws don’t hurt all that bad in that game but the set ups can. Look up stuff on crouch teching and delayed crouch tech to get a feel.

A good rule in SFIV is block low, have crouch tech a the ready, but don’t mash it and react to high attacks.

If you can see the tick throws coming that means you are anticipating them and can react accordingliy. And SFIV is forgiving on command throw ticks by holding up. And that’s where option selects come in.

For problem match ups contact the character specific board.


a thing to consider is that how you defend depends on the character you are fighting. It helps to know where the other characters best place to be to start an offensive is and not let them in that spot. If they are spending their resources just trying to occupy the spot to start an offensive, they will have less resources to be on offence.