Curious as to what people consider "spam"

I’ve used the word before. Generally when I don’t feel like saying something like "DP mashing " or “whipping out fireballs like crazy”. Though when I usually use it, I know I shouldn’t be.

I’ve been having a discussion with a friend about spam. I guess my thought is something which is done for no good reason, maybe. Or something like. I know everything that’s done in a fight should be done for a reason. But I’m curious as to what the community considers to be spam.

For example, my friend (a MvC3 guy) explains an example of Phoenix constantly using super jump into fireballs, even if it hasn’t worked for him before. I disagreed with that, because the intention was there to make use out of the tactic, even if the desired response didn’t happen.

spam is what you just said it is. doing something for almost no reason to the point of being ridiculous.
but you can also spam when something works repeatedly to the point of being ridiculous. like chun mp throw when it just keeps working. although that’s more of abusing something.

Guarisma is that you?

Spam is anything that is being done in excess. That’s it. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, doesn’t matter if it works, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t.

The term you’re probably looking for is “herp derp”.

Its not “in excess” if its working. Whos to define how much you should use a certain move or tactic?? You only spam if your tactic loses.

are we really going to go into semantics

ex·cess (k-ss, kss)

  1. The state of exceeding what is normal or sufficient

keep your eyes on the prize srk

No…? I’m a wrestling fan, I wanted to parody a wrestling thing for that line, so I decided to parody The Fabulous Freebirds.

OK. I have a friend Named Angel Guarisma; who- last time I played him- was pretty terribad at T hawk in ST, and I was able to throw loop him with Chun. Hence him being called Freehawk.

I love spamming then

Typical sarcastic srk guy with huge attitude is sarcastic and fully equipped with huge attitude.

Spamming is basically repeating something that doesn’t let the person being spammed play the way they want. It doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter if you’re actually just sitting there mashing the hell out, of it or only doing it because they keep trying something you have a counter for, if it pisses them off then its “spam.”

I tend to consider spamming in fighting games repeating a move even after being hard countered. So for example, if someone would only fireball, and I start kicking them square in the face and they continue this projectile attack then it’s spam. If they then readjust their attack it is not spam. IF someone continues using the same move over and over and you have trouble with it, thank them. This allows you to try different methods to get around the move, and can be a lesson learned as you deal with it.

I was told by somebody that combos were spam.

I hate your posts. Sleazoid backs up what is already correct and you cop an attitude. Shut up.

Bah. My T. Hawk’s tick throws were called spam once. That was fun.

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9 times out of 10 “spam” = an excuse.

I would say spam is when a player starts playing the game with the mentality like they’re in a drunken bar brawl instead of playing a “video game”. This tends to happen when you’ve done something which has made them angry, maybe you’re sylin too much. They’re now mad and they want to win, and they start by pressing buttons repeatedly. They think the more buttons they press = the less buttons you can press…
3S Typical patterns include, no link no link c.rh. Or,,, they stand still for a split second realising they could of linked that into something better if they weren’t so pissed off then they go for c.rh.

I got accused of spamming Blanka balls (ST) against a REALLY shitty DeeJay player… Yeah, DJ… it’s like a 9/1 up-a-wall battle for Blanka… All he needed to do was “spam” all day, and there’s nothing obvious that I can do about it.

From what everyone on here is saying that is considered spam. Since you are CONSTANTLY doing the combos over and over again (repeating them) its considered SPAM…lol!!!

But I wasn’t… I was using Magneto… and I didn’t really combo him… I reset him a lot more than kept combos going.