Curious as to what people consider "spam"

I think in fighting games, spam can go a few different ways. A.) Using XY move 1,000 times while you play around it and B.) Smashing on the pad/joystick with random ass inputs and then seeing what comes. I have a buddy who’s not quite… swift on the controller so what you get are sausage fingers flying around a tiny pad at a hundred miles an hour. Funny to watch him play Ibuki and make people cry online. :eek:

Follow your game plan and do what you want; as you are not a clown solely there for their entertainment. I always cringe when I hear the word spam and generally take that as a verbal cue to head for the hills. When someone accused me of spamming block; that was the day I ground my mic beneath my heel.

I was told the same thing by my friend just because I always manage to land Deadpool’s BnB combos. I literally gave him a “are you fucking kidding me?” face.

IMO, I only consider spam ^^…and constantly shooting projectiles.

The “smashing random buttons” thing is typically referred to as “mashing”, I believe?

When I play Chun-Li in MVC3, I “mash” B so I can “spam” Lightning Legs :slight_smile:

Yeah, pretty much.

Spam is what people do to my inbox when they lose to the same thing over and over again.

Maybe they’re just trying to zone you off the internet? :wink:

They can try, but I unlike them, I know how to beat their tactics.

spam to me = annoying safe on block move that is high priority… ie wolverine divekick spam or something like that. ive never really thought of many fighting game strategies to be actual spam especially in the newschool where everything is like an rps game… so in order to get spammed in newer fighting games you have to be getting hit by rock over and over again and NOT know that paper is what beats it.

im more concerned with cheap shit like moves that are too damaging to ultilitarian etc etc… and then i use the cheap shit.


in the end when newer players talk about spam they usually are complaining about something that they dont know the counter for or something that they dont want to use the counter for cause the counter is different from there regularly strategy/tactics


The word “SPAM” doesnt belong in a fighing game imo…scrubs use the word “spam”, "elitist’, and a few other words my testosterone doesnt allow me to type

We don’t “spam”. We chuck dat plasma

Spam to me is someone doing a single move over and over. Has nothing to do with it working or not.

It’s easier to say spam than to explain that they were throwing fireballs constantly, no, you’re not mad about it, it’s just a colloquialism for a thing, and it was easier to just say “spam” and assume you could understand that phrase without resorting to an alpha-rage because I used a “Scrub Term.”

It’s here to stay whether you like it or not, so let’s just agree that it can be used in a positive and negative way and not be shitbags about a word.

does it really matter? its all just semantics.

Same here, back when I first started out in Marvel 3 and played with scrubby friends, They would bitch and complain about me spamming Zero. I asked them how in the hell was I spamming with Zero? They would reply “The only freakin thing you do is block and do that same Zero BnB, Wesker Otg, Back into launcher. You suck”. They’re complaining eventually got so ridiculous to the point of saying that my blocking and advanced guards was “Cheap” that i just removed those baddies off my friends list.

Spam is just a coping mechanism/term for people who can’t handle a loss.

Spam is when you’re doing something, and the opponent is too shit to get around it, so they cry out with that.

If someone considers what you’re doing spam, they’re probably terrible. If it works, do it.

This is ridiculous. SPAM is doing the same thing over and over whether it’s working or not.

Some techniques are SPAM-able and others are not.

If a person only throws fireballs in a match that’s SPAM. Whether or not it works depends on the person it is getting used against.

If you lose to SPAM then you are either a SCRUB or their whatever they’re spamming is really effective, instead of SPAM it becomes ABUSABLE.

Something that is ABUSABLE is a TOOL that a character has that DEFINES them. I.E. Haggar Lariat assist or Phoenix’s Homing TK Shots in MvC3.

A SCRUB is someone who is new to the game.

A SORE LOSER r is someone who justifies his/her losses due to SPAM, when a good player usually does not lose to SPAM.

Note: People don’t talk about SPAM. If they do, they are usually a SCRUBBY SORE LOSER.

I was under the impression ‘scrub’ meant someone who acts big and plays small?

That’s what I was thinking. As to what I consider spam, I consider spam the unintelligent repetition of a move.