Curious -- How do I get some SFEX music?

I’ve been wondering.

I consider the EX tracks some of the greatest to grace Street Fighter(next to the CPS1 old school beats, 'NATCH) and was trying to figure out where the hell I can get these tracks so’s I can burn them on a cd.:wonder:

HOWEVER, all I have managed so far is the Arrange version of SFEX2, which, by the grace of Kami, I happened to spot one day in Virginia on leave. I haven’t seen one since.

So what’s up? Do I just have to burn them off the game disc? Do I get them P2P(which I’ve tried, but gotten a virus for my trouble along with the songs:arazz::arazz:)? Or is there a more elaborate scheme? Help, please.

Guy is an SRK member, so it should be OK to list the site, I guess…

Street Fighter EX2 Plus OST
Street Fighter EX3 Original Soundtrack
Street Fighter EX -Arrange Sound Trax
Street Fighter EX2 Original Soundtack

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