Curious, no one here play DOA4?

There is like no discussion on it, when it is the best coded and most popular game on XB360. Is it really that bad? Thinking about getting a Xbox 360 for SF2HF but it is kind of retarded to blow 400-500 for a 17 year old game and only other game that is interesting atm is DOA4.

Nah, people here are still making assumptions on their half-baked prejudices from playing 2 rounds of DOA1 at the arcades in the mid-90s, even though the SRK main page even says it’s good. The rest are peer-pressured into not mentioning it.

I play it and enjoy it greatly.

It’s much like FF7. It’s beloved by everyone except for the “experts.”

I play it, it’s fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t play it but I have it, feel free to challange me.